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Spectrum logo

An explaination of how the Spectrum Industries new logo has been designed to reflect Spectrum's current business practices.

Spectrum Industries

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Spectrum logo

4 different production capabilities
4 primary markets
4 elements of our mission statement
4 Triangles represent:
4 full decades of service
Green is meant to represent intelligent and sustainable designs, environmental concern and initiatives, relentless pursuit of goals, organizational stability and growth, sincere concern for customer initiatives, natural abundance and renewal, and employee health and harmony.
4 Colors represent:
Red is meant to represent passion for our jobs and customer, strength in our products and pursuits, high energy and excitement levels, concern for our staff, products, and customers, strong and passionate organizational leadership, ambition, the recognition that things must be done carefully and correctly and
White is meant to represent operating in an ethical and pure manner, peaceful relationships with our customers and partners, keeping decisions and actions simple, maintaining our humility in all we do, hope for a bright future, and
Blue is meant to represent high levels of organizational productivity, unity and harmony as an organization, friendly and calm demeanor regardless of the situation, wise yet confident in our decisions, truthful, loyal and dependable employees, managers, and customer base, committed to technology, strength in our product performance and
for patriotism.
for patriotism.
for patriotism.
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