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NSAC Mizzou 2012-2013

No description

Clare Dussman

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of NSAC Mizzou 2012-2013

Leadership Fun Print Creative Presentation Experience Motion Media Over-Arching Design Interactive Media
Planning In-Store Guerilla Market
Research Concept
Research PR Copywriting Experience Work Samples National Recognition Books For All Presenters Win Awards Presentation 20 Minutes 3 Judges 5 Presenters 50% Of the Overall Score 4 Boards Leadership AEs- our lives
Directors- 3 hrs a Month
Heads- 3 hrs a Week
Interns- Team & Group Meetings Deliverables Slogan
Ad Copy
Web Copy
Social Media Copy
Commercial Script Guerilla Advertising Untraditonal Advertising Techniques
Will Work Heavily with PR
Must Think Out of the box Interactive Web
Tablet In-Store In-Store Displays Engage Consumers Media Planning Metrics


FUNnels Motion Media Develop Original Commercial

Work Heavily with Copywriting Team Over-Arching Design Single Person Role
Design Planbook and Presentation Print Creative -Create Original Print Ads -Work Closely with Copywriters Public Relations Work Closely with Other Teams

Develop Creative Strategies to Improve Public Opinion Concept Research All teams participate in research

Foundation of "Big Idea" Market Research
Primary Research-Focus Groups &Surveys
Secondary Research For Scalar Context
Key Insights
High-Fives FUN -Networking
-Positive Reinforcement -Travel
-Meet Derek & Clare
-Gain Mentors Email us your resume and 2 work samples to apply for
head positions or to ask any questions. nsacmizzou@gmail.com
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