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PRSA Social Media for Nonprofits

No description

Kate Blackburn

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of PRSA Social Media for Nonprofits

Social Media for Nonprofits Katelin Cortney & Kate Blackburn
Catholic Charities Fort Worth Plant the seed Watch it grow Results Summary Connect with us! Measure & Adjust Tactics Routine Research Strategy Tools For Nonprofits Goal The Forest for the Trees When you don't have a clean slate.

When you don't have a clear product.

When you don't have an open wallet. To use communication tools to position CCFW as a thought leader on poverty and social innovation. Why go social?
Where will you develop your online presence?
Who is your target audience?
What is your main message?
When will you post? What gets measured gets improved

Get help & use common sense

Tweak & adjust Gained over 550 FB fans in 2012.

Gained over 1250 Twitter followers in 2012.

Highlighted in national nonprofit blog, Community Organizer 2.0.

Quadrupled social media presence. You don't need a clean slate.

Your mission is your product.

Your ambassadors are your currency. @CCFortWorth facebook.com/catholiccharitiesFW 98% Have Facebook page with 8K fans on average.

30% Facebook communities grew this much in 2012.

81% Twitter communities grew this much in 2012.

$214.81 Average value of Facebook like over 12 months.

73% Allocate half a full-time employee for social media.

43% Budget $0 for social media activities. Nonprofit Numbers Social Media in 20 Minutes a Day

Get in the Know.
Get in the Conversation.
Get in the Lead. Facebook: Share your stories.
Twitter: Share your news.
YouTube: Share your experiences.
LinkedIn: Share your network. Our Future Internal Conversion Review

Facebook Yearbook for Need YPO

Partnership Poverty Videos Be relevant.
Be different.
Be inherent.

It's not just crowdsourcing, it's crowdraising.
It's not just creating, it's curating.
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