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Nitrogen baby book

No description

Haley Retros

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Nitrogen baby book

Nitrogen baby book
Elements birth certificate
Name of element English- Nitrogen No latin
Nitrogen, nitrogen everywhere!
Nitrogen, nitrogen in the air!

It is such a useful thing,
Oh it just makes me want to sing!

It is in my blood, my DNA,
I wouldn't exist without it,
there's just no way!

Nitrogen, or NO2
Oh the things I couldn't do
If I didn't have my sweet NO2

Family tree
Family- Nitrogen Family
Elements first picture (Bohr model)
Just Find a picture on google
Color density- No color density
Boiling point- -195.8 C
Melting point- -210.1 C
Crystal structure- Hexagonal close packed.

This is most likely a school project. No farther than that.

Elements career
The element is used in controlling pollution. It is effective in getting rid of unstable organic compounds in liquids. Many industries use it to destroy toxic liquids and vapors in industrial tools. As nitrogen dioxide, the element is vital in the industrial sector. It also serves as an oxidation reaction catalyst. Apart from being an oxidizing agent, it can also be used as a flour bleaching agent and rocket fuel.

Nickname of element- N or Ni
Date of birth - May 3 1772

Birth weight 7 pounds
Birth height 7 Inches
Race- non metal
Physician - Daniel Rutherford
Gender- Gas
Birthplace- Scottland
Period number 2
Group number 15
Group name- pnictogen
5 brothers and sisters
Brothers and sisters of nitrogen- Phosphorus,
arsenic, antimony and bismuth
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