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SFPBA Strategy Final


Joseph Caldwell

on 23 August 2010

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Transcript of SFPBA Strategy Final

M0 M1 M2 M3 M4 15% 85% Attractional Missional * The Church is the institution God
has called to reach the world
* God's church represents a diversity
of people but has a unity of belief
* No single church can reach the
world alone 7.5 Million People SHAPE CONNECT UNLEASH ENGAGE our churches in impacting their communities through missional activities by:
Inspirational Meetings
Outreach Resourcing and Consulting
Multiple church projects

Plant new churches in unreached areas or with unreached people groups that are indigenous and missional our churches to be the best
they can be at reaching
their community for Christ
and making disciples through:
*Affinity Group Training
*Associational Assist Teams
*Direct Resources the community's opinion
of our churches in a positive
way by:
* Large Scale Ministries
* Media Campaigns all of our churches across cultural and language
differences in our efforts to
reach the Bay Area for Christ 4 Events: Celebrate, Pray, Worship, and Serve "Calling Out the Called" Partnership Missions Influence Survey's Outreach Grants Probe Teams Special Evangelistic Events Churches Planting Churches Focus Admin. Hub, Partnership with Language Fellowships,
Tailored Training, Best Practices Training We Care SF Bay Area 2011
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