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Packard World Event

No description

Jordan Hudgins

on 7 October 2016

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Transcript of Packard World Event

1. Which number denotes Saudi Arabia on the map?
a) 5
b) 12
c) 24
d) 17
Quiz Cont.
These women have found a way to have their voice heard
Shows that western beliefs of equality are taking effect in the Middle East
This movement would not have become possible without the technology we have available today
Why Now?
Saudi Arabia promised both in 2009 and 2013 at the UN Human Rights Council to end male guardianship
Women won the right to vote in Saudi Arabia last December
Vision 2030 was announced in April
By: Jordan Hudgins
2. What is male guardianship?
4. Why is there still male guardianship?
a) Tradition
b) Getting rid of it would threaten Saudi and Muslim society
c) Women are treated as minors with no power
d) All of the above
Quiz Cont.
Male guardianship is when women have to ask a man in their family (father, husband, brother, or son) for permission to travel, marry, work and access health care along with many more.
Cultural Significance
How Are They Getting Their Word Out
These women are using Twitter to have their voice heard
Women are tweeting abut the absurdity of needing a male guardian
They are able to draw worldwide attention about this issue
Who is Preventing it?
The Grand Mufti stated that the campaign against Male Guardianship was a crime against Saudi and Muslim Society
Men who use the women they are guardians of do not want to lose their power
Twitter has banned certain hashtags and groups supporting this movement
How are Male Guardians able to abuse their power and get away with it?
Male guardians are able to abuse the women in their control
Women need a man's permission for everything: police reports, driver's license, traveling, etc.
Women are treated as minors by the law so their rights are not even recognized by the government
Human Rights Watch's Report
Quiz Cont.
3. Which of the following could you not bear to lose?
a) Driving a car
b) Wear clothes/makeup that shows your beauty
c) Go for a swim
d) Interacting with the other sex
e) Competing freely in sports
f) Try on clothes when shopping
In July HRW came out with a report saying "Women are being controlled from birth to death"
HRW talked to dozens of women about their situations
The report gave examples of what these women go through daily
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