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Sea pollution

Created by Matthew. For exhibtion. An awesome prezi!

Geoff Rudsdale

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of Sea pollution

Sea pollution What is sea pollution? Sea pollution is also any chemical (like Bisphenol A) or biological difference in the quality of water. It has various and harmful effects on living things. When humans drink water that is polluted, serious effects happen on the human body. There are various types of sea pollution . For example, plastic disposal, cans and other metas, rubbish from other people's bins, and sewage in the sea. Sea pollution is waste that humans disposed into the sea. Sea pollution is a major problem that is affecting the earth. Why does it matter? By polluting the seas we are harming the sea creatures and us human beings. We end up harming ourselves because people eat sea food and sometimes toxic waste gets into the sea life like fishes. Plastic waste can also get eaten by sea life because the creatures mistake the plastic waste for food. What is polluting our seas? Plastic In the ocean, plastic wastes are swirling the seas of rubbish; birds and other animals are dying of starvation and dehydration with bellies fully loaded of plastics. Plastics are indestructible which means that they can't be thrown away. Yet when you throw plastic into the sea it does not go away. Since plastic was used tons and tons of plastic waste has been disposed into our seas/oceans. Over the last 60 years plastic has become the central to our lives.

Disposed plastic is one of the biggest problems we face in our ocean today. The toxins the plastic carries are affecting us all; humans and sea creatures! Sewage Sewage affects the ocean and the creatures in it. Sewage is the waste from household toilets and sinks that gets poured directly from the sea. The sewage builds up harmful bacteria that can bloom. This can make sea creatures like dolphins get ill. Some dolphins have visible bacterial infections on their skin, this might be caused by overload of sewage. Toxic wastes Toxic wastes are materials that are poisonous and is a type of pollution that is being disposed into the oceans and seas. Toxic wastes affects both marine(water) life and human health. Toxic waste is the biggest threat to the ocean. Toxic wastes come from leaking of landfills, dumps, treasure (usually gold) mines and farms are also having the same trouble of toxic leaks. Garbage dumping Garbage dumping is the disposing of harmful materials into the ocean. Human waste, ground-up garbage and water from bathing are kinds of garbage that is being dumped in the ocean. People started dumping most of the waste in the ocean since 1990's. One main cause of garbage dumping occurs when sewage pipes mix up with the storm water drains. Rainfall will cause the sewage pipes to overflow forcing the sewage waste to mix with the rain water and that waste is flown into a lake or river. This will pollute the water and kill the animals and plants in the water too. In the ocean, one toxic organism gets eaten by an animal, then it is eaten by another animal on top of the food chain and it eventually becomes our seafood. Lead is one of the most harmful chemical in the ocean. Lead is capable of damaging the brain, kidneys and the reproductive system. Lead can also lead to birth defects for human beings. It has been shown to cause low IQ scores, slow growth and hearing problems for small children Cars Some people may have not noticed but cars pollute the ocean. When you drive you may have noticed that there is smoke coming out of the back of the car. The smoke dosn't go directly to the ocean, instead it goes in the air. When the pollution mixes with the water in the clouds it form acid. When the acid starts raining this is called acid rain. Acid rain is a mix of pollution and water, when acid rain gets in the ocean it pollutes the ocean and it also kills many fishes over a period of time. This also happens when factories release pollution into the air. See that! All of these things are affecting our oceans and seas. Each of us now thrash at least 1500 pounds of rubbish a year and yet the fraction waste dumped in the oceans and seas is going to nowhere but up. If we all stop polluting the ocean and seas, to take action, but if we don't stop all kinds of pollution from happening... Our world is going to end... By Matthew
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