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No description

Ally Aronne

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Schooled

Zach Powers
By Ally Aronne
Capricorn Anderson is a hippie who is raised by his grandmother Rain, who falls out of a tree and breaks her hip at Garland, a hippie commune. Cap has to move in with the Donnelly's and has to go to school, where he was bullied. Cap was elected as eight grade president as a joke. He got tricked into being tackled by the football team. But Cap was nice to everyone, so people started to like him. Finally, Rain gets out of the hospital and Cap can go back to Garland, but everyone thinks Cap's dead. Rain realized that Cap had lots of friends who cared about him, so she decided to sell Garland so that one day when Cap is on his own, he will be ready.
My Opinion
Capricorn Anderson
Naomi Erlanger
Sophie Donnelly
Sophie Donnelly did not like Cap. She called freakazoid and didn't like the fact that he was a hippie that was living in her house. She eventally liked him but still called him freakazoid.
Naomi Erlanger pulled tricks on Cap with Zach. After she relized how kind Cap was she started to like him. She sent Cap love notes from Lorelei Lumley. She was the first person to like Cap.
Zach Powers is the big man on campus, at Claverage Middle School. He bullied Cap the most. When Cap started to take his spotlight, he was disliked because he never liked Cap. But, at the end, he did like Cap.
Capricorn Anderson is the main character. He lives with his grandmother Rain in Garland Farms and they are hippys. He has long hair, wears tie die, and practices tai chi. He is kind and helpful even if people are mean to him. He has never expirenced life in the outside world.
What I enjoyed
What I did not enjoy
I liked the book a lot. It was exciting and had a lot of parts that made me want to keep reading. I liked how each chapter was told by a different character's point of view. That made the story more entertaining for me to read because you know how all of the characters are feeling.
What I did not enjoy about the book is how it's about a hippie who goes to school and lives with the school guidance counselor. I still liked it but, it wasn't wasn't my favorite book.
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