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Texas History

Anson Jones

Kiara Onfri

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Texas History

Texas & The United States!! Doctor Anson Jones & Annxeon Dabte Anson Jones for President? Mexico!! War with Mexico- Mexico didn't recgonize Texas as an indenpende state nor their boundaries! Annexation Dabte Annexation or Indenpendce? Texas annexed with The United States! Poor Mexico they must be like NOOOOOO!!! WHY! WHY! WHY!!!

VICTORY IS SEVRED!! Anson Jones Jones was elected to the House of Representative from Brazoria to the Second Congress in 1837. On December 20, 1837, Texas Masons convened in Houston to organize the Grand Lodge of Texas. Jones was elected the first Grand Master of Masons in Texas. Jones co-founded The Philosophical Society of Texas on December 5, 1837. In 1838, Sam Houston, appointed Anson Jones the Republic’s Minister to the United States. Jones went to Washington D.C. and began his strategy for the annexation of Texas. In 1839, Jones was elected Senator and served in the Fourth and Fifth Congresses. In 1841, Sam Houston appointed Jones Secretary of State. In September 1844, Anson Jones was elected the last President of the Republic of Texas. The Congress of United States concluded the annexation of Texas on December 29, 1845. The Annexation Dabte lasted 9 years!! Texans wanted to annexed with U.S but Untied States didn't make an offer to the Republic. Late 1844 people wanted more independce! He fought in The Battle of San Jacontio!!
Houston and Jones had common veiws! More Anson Jones!! -Jones was against attacking Mexico
-Promise to lay before Texans a stark choice: Annexation or Independence?
-Believed that prospects for Annexation were dim, Independence as part British-French alliance offered the best prospects for peace with Mexico and prosperity for Texas!
-Texans releaized that Jones actions could derail the annexation- wildly unpopular to the point being threaten being lynching!!!
-last offical act as president, Jones attended the ceremony where the Amercian Flag was raised over Texas capital! "Republic of Texas no more!" Anson Jones said. Anson Jones comitted sucide in 1858 What did Houston, Anson Jones and Lamar think? Houston and Anson Jones supproted it!!
LAMAR DIDN'T! SHAME ON YOU LAMAR! Horrible! Just Horrible!!! If Texas annexed with The United States there will be conflict!!! CREDITS!! Made By: Kiara Marie Onfri

For: My wonderful class & Mrs. Garner!!!
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