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Finding out everyone's views and needs

a presentation by Make It Happen for TPAS E-Learning

Make It Happen

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Finding out everyone's views and needs

Finding out everyone's views and needs Information Surveys Focus groups News media Legal reasons Social Support To tell people about things they would otherwise not know. To tell a group of people all at the same time. An effective way of obtaining opinions A carefully selected group of people reflecting the balance of the community Get your local TV and radio on board To hold the meeting[s] which your constitution says you should To get out of the house and meet with friends To meet together with other people who share your interests or difficulties, and give support and encouragement to each other. Public meetings To tell people about a public meeting where they can hear and receive information and voice their opinion, use either a notice on a board or put a leaflet through every door. TRA's will have it written in their constitution how many meetings and the types of meetings they must legally hold each year. An AGM must be held once a year. Usually at least 4 committee meetings must be helf each year. Meetings must have a quorum. This means a mimimum number of committee members must be present at any of its meetings to make the proceedings of that meeting valid. Quick house to house surveys are a great way to find out local opinions. But, they are time consuming and usually require other evidence to back up the findings. Educational To find out or learn as a group, perhaps by having a training session or listening to a speaker I would love to have some proper training on communication skills.

Some training on presentation skills would also be really useful. I do so many presenetations to community groups, other TRA's and the local authority that I'd like to know what I'm doing well, and what I need to improve. Of course, it’s impossible to find out and represent all the views of absolutely everybody. Remember, cultural differences may inhibit some communities from joining groups, attending meetings and events or giving their views in public or to strangers. Communication is a two-way affair It can be difficult to get a significant number of people to attend a public meeting unless there is some burning central issue that is usually contentious. Even under these circumstances the turn out can be disappointing but this is a valid form of communication which gives an indication of the local view. To gain a veiw of public opinion, you can bring people together for a couple of hours to consider the issues and express an opinion. Increasingly used by commercial companies and political parties, it provides a pointer towards public opinion that is relatively cheap to organise.
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