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on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Wisconsin

In 1848 Wisconsin became the 30th state.
1634:Jean Nicolet was the first european to reach Wisconsin in the search of the northwest passage.

1634:Search of elusive
Northwest passage, Jean Nicolet set off from Quebec and became first european to enter Lake Michigan.

1763: The British arrived the Wisconsin history scene.
Governor: Scott Walker
Governor was born: November,2 1967 he is 46.
State senators:33
Scott Walker was a county executive for 8 years.
Scott Walkers first day being 45th governor was on January,3 2011
Wisconsin is mostly flat because it got crushed by a glacier thousands of years ago.
There are big lakes.
There are hills in the Western Uplands.
Two great lakes border Wisconsin, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior.
By Kaydence
Fun facts
* The Lake Devil was established in 1911.
*Lake Devils facility became one of Wisconsin's most famous and oldest state park.
*Wisconsin is known as the cheese state.

Flower:Wood violet
Tree:Sugar maple
Nickname:Badger state
Animal: Badger
Wildlife animal:White tailed deer
Insect:Honey bee
Symbol of peace:Mourning dove
Dog:American water spaniel
Stone:Red granite

Madison is the capital of Wisconsin.The population of Madison is 240,323.The state capital building is the biggest building in Madison.James Madison named Wisconsin's state capital.

Political Location
Type of maps
Climate map
Economic Location
Cheese factory Cedar Grove Cheese
Choice Location

Historic Location
Geographic Location Western Uplands
It is in Plain, Wisconsin.
The cheese they make:
Marbled Colby
Mild Chedder
Medium Chedder
Garlic Dill Chedder
Sun Dried Tomato Basil Chedder
Monterey Jack
Pepper Jack
Farmer Cheese
The Western Uplands are covering half of the state Wisconsin.It has numerous small caves.It is a rugged hilly region.The Western Uplands is deeply dissected by rivers.
There is shore fishing picnic areas toilets grills and tables this river cascades around allot of huge granite rocks and provides people with a "wild river.Campfires, play areas,volleyball nets,the best part water falls this is a good place to be.Falls county park is in Minneapolis,Wisconsin
population map
physical map
topographic map
road map
Falls County Park and camp ground
Thank you!!!!!!!
Scott Walker said yesterday/Wednesday that voters look at a candidate's record,not his diploma the executive of Wisconsin responded to a question about whether a presidential candidate needs a college degree or not.Personaly I think you should not look at there degree or record you should do it depending on how there speech goes.
The most important mined products in Wisconsin are sand,gravel,and crushed stone.

Wisconsin has a total geographical area of 6,548 square miles;with it's land area of 54,310 square miles.

production of milk on dairy farms and processing of milk and milk products and dairy plants make up the industry.With producing many kinds of milk the industry makes ice cream,cheese,butter,and yogurt.
FYI this is sand,gravel,and crushed stone
Herbert F. Johnson house
The Herbert F. Johnson house was designed by Frank Loyd Write,known as wingspread.This house is listed on the National Register of Historic places and National Historic landmarks.The house was made June,29 1989.The location is 33 East Four Mile Road,Racine,Wisconsin.
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