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Introduction to IB English A1

A Prezi that introduces students to the IB English A1 course.

Stephen Goodman

on 29 October 2010

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Transcript of Introduction to IB English A1

What is "English Literature" about? Reading Understanding/
Analysing Challenging
opinions What kind of texts will we study? How do we "read" these texts? Grouping texts Language Context Genre Prose Poetry Plays Fiction Non-fiction Genre Character Writing "Messages" - What do we
take away or learn from the text? Content The interconnected nature of reading literature
Texts are often connected to other texts
You just have to find the links
This can give us more information about a text we're reading
It can inform our writing and analysis of a text 'A silly, gloatingly sadistic and grisly yarn of a family of Scots lunatics'. 'A repulsive peice of work
and will therefore be widely
admired.' 'Now we have an American masterpiece in its final form: the original crystal has shaped itself into the true diamond. This is the novel as Fitzgerald wished it to be, and so it is what we have dreamed of, sleeping and waking' Interpreting a text starts with you... You form opinions
and analyse the text Then you research And find other opinions and apply them to the text Emotion Reason Perception Language
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