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No description

Crista Bodenhamer

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Volleyball

Things you do in Volleyball Oregon Ducks Volleyball Team Tip Stuff Set Middle Attack Dig Double Block Jump Serve Outside Attack BackSide Attack 3 man Block Jump Set A tip is when the setter sets the ball a little
too close to the net and the only thing you can do
is just to use your finger tips and tip over the net with.
Not only is it hard for them to get up, but it can trick them
and take them out of play. Get together in the middle
and Celebrate. A dig is when the other team
has attacked the ball and you
somehow pass it up. A set is when you snap the
ball up in the
air with 2 hands so
the hitters can hit it. A jump serve is just a serve where you take your spike approch and throw the ball up, then hit it. It can make your serves a lot more powerful, or it can add different things to it so the other team has a harder time getting it up to the setter. A 3 man block is just a block
with 3 people.You use it so
that you have a better chance
at blocking the other teams attack. A middle attack is an attck from the middle.
It's usually one of the hardest to block cause
the person is so tall. But not impossible. Their
hits are also a lot of times quicker then just a
regular attack because they are closest to the setter. A stuff is like a block,
except when you stuff someone
they don't keep the ball in play. An outside attack is an attack
from the left side. It is one of
the easiest attacks to block. A backside Attack is an attack
from the right side, it is one of
the hardest attacks to block. A double block is like a normal block but with 2 people. If gives you the advantage of being able to block the other teams attack. A jump set is like a normal set but you
jump to help it go to the position where
it needs to be a lot quicker. You use
it when you want to run plays that
need to be faster moving. Libero The Libero is the backrow, defensive specialist. Which means they are the best backrow player. They can't go frontrow and they wear a different color jersey. They can also in anytime they want for a backrow person.
Dink Power Tip A dink is like an open hand tip. All it is,
is when you push the ball through the
opponents middle blocker and get a point. A power tip is a really hard tip
to the out of bounds areas of the
court so it's harder for the other
team to get it. The End.
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