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Raytheon Crash Car Customer Presentation

No description

AnnaRose Isbell

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Raytheon Crash Car Customer Presentation

Connor Campbell
Ethan Enneking
Anna Rose Isbell
Seina Tanada

Team Roles
When our Raytheon group was first assembled, we had five people in our group. Two of them ended up dropping the class at the end of the first semester, so we had to change around team roles. Seina was also added to our team at this point, so she took over the main leadership role. It was not hard to adjust and we have worked really well as a group.
Planning Questions:
What is your plan if…..
Someone is sick on days the artifacts are due?
Everyone on our team has come prepared to present our products. There is always a plan to work without a team member.

The person responsible for the device/project is not in class the day of the test?
If somone is sick or unable to be in class, they would contact another group member to come get the product before class or have it delivered by a parent or friend. There were always multiple team members prepared to test the product.

Planning: Schedule
Raytheon Crash Car Customer Presentation
Project Manager:
Seina Tanada

Anna Rose Isbell
Engineering Lead:
Connor Campbell
Finance Lead:
Ethan Enneking
Mr. Biles
Someone is not able to meet when the rest of team is available to work on the project outside of class?
Many projects can be completed electronically if someone is unable to help. There is always a way for people to contribute even if they are unable to meet with the group.

On presentation day, someone on your team is absent?
If this were the case, someone else would step up and be able to cover that part of their presentation.

First off, we were thinking we could use the wheels off of a hot wheels car and then put the axils through a PVC pipe.
Secondly, we thought about using a 1 by 4 wooden blank on top to hold the eggs.
We also thought about using metal cups from an old light, but this was not a material that we were allowed to use.
Finally, we thought about attatching cups to the rest of the car by cutting holes big enough to slip the cups down into.
We wanted to use hot glue to keep the cups from moving around.
Leadership Skills
The ability to lead effectively is based on a number of key skills. These skills are highly sought after as they involve dealing with people in such a way as to motivate, enthuse, and build respect. First, communication played a monumental role. As a leader, one must listen...a lot! One must be willing to work and understand the needs of others. In our group as the project leader, I asked many questions and we did our best to consider all of our options. Organization also plays a key role. As a leader, I must be organized and keep my team on track by collecting the materials and data needed. I have to be confident in my other team members as well and trust that they will use critical problem solving skills, innovation, and decision making in order to complete the task.
Test Requiremnets
1) Each team must construct one vehicle.

2) The vehicle shall be made from wood and/or paper, except for the wheels, axles, and
connecting hardware.

3) Glue, staples, nails, or similar fasteners may be used in the construction for the
purposes of holding the parts together.

4) The vehicle, including its passengers, shall be no more than 15 cm in height.

5) The length of the vehicle shall be less than 30 cm.

6) The width of the vehicle shall not exceed the length.

Materials & Cost
Designing the Prototype:
Drill to makes holes for wheel axis and circles for the cups (Power drill)
Saw to cut PVC and wood (Wood Saw)
Redesign Details
Final Product & Test Results
Building the Product
Meeting the Customers Needs
Our product is applicable to the real world because it could help people design a car that would alow people to survive a crash of great impact, traveling at a great velocity. Creation and innovation in not only the car industry, but other transportaion industries could save many lives. This prototype addresses the probelm of car crashes in our society and what people can do for precaution and prevention. In addition, our car met all the specified requirements and was only an inch away from meeting perfect test results. Overall, the eggs survived without any harm which was the most important aspect at the end of the day.
7) The vehicle prototype shall carry two large raw chicken eggs.

8) The top of the eggs shall be visible to the judges at all times during the testing.

9) The eggs shall be held in place by a 40 cm length piece of string provided by the judges
which will act as a seatbelt.

10)The seatbelt shall not be directly fastened to the eggs by any means (including glue or

11)The restraint system shall be designed such that when the seatbelt is removed, the
passengers will immediately fall out of their seats when the car is inverted (meaning the seatbelt is the primary means of restraint).

12)The cost of the vehicle shall be recorded.

The requirement that both eggs or passengers have to be showing all times was the most challenging for our group to accomplish. We were determined to find a way to make the eggs visible while putting them in the cups at the same time. Finally, we used tissue paper to cushion the bottom/sides of the cup and to prop the eggs up into clear sight.
Length: 29 cm
Mass: 302.59 grams
Survivors: 2!!! (no cracks)
Velocity: 3.41 m/s
Average Time: 0.44 seconds

*Our car did not hit perfectly between the lines, but on the line.*

PVC Pipe- $2.00
Paper Cup- $0.17
Tissue Paper-$0.15
Hot Wheels Car Wheels-$2.50
Hot Glue-$0.12

Total: $9.94
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