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lorena balic

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Larry l. King "Getting 'Em Ready for Darrell" Larry L. King playwright, journalist, novelist from Texas
known for his "humor, intelligence, and courage"
dropped out of Texas Tech University and pursued career as a freelance writer
Only writer to become a finalist for a "Triple Crown" of American letters: National Book Award, Broadway Tony Award, Emmy Award Football Statistics: 1 in 17 (5.8%) high school seniors end up playing college football NCAA 1 in 50 (2%) NCAA players will make it to the NFL 9 in 10,000 (0.09%) of high school seniors will make it to the NFL
(That's about the chance you have an IQ above 150, as measured by the Stanford-Binet test. The average IQ of Ph.D. students is 130.) States sending most players to NFL
from high schools

California- 699









North Carolina-160 Structure chronological because a football game has to be told in order intro: sets the background, mood, body: events of the game closing: the aftermath of the game implied thesis: King doesn't state a formal thesis, but by painting a picture of young football players enduring harsh treatment he suggests that society should let kids be kids Perspective emotional influence: grew up accostomed to the football atmosphere, loves the game, Bradley is his son but doesn't believe kids should be punished if they don't want to play 3rd person indirectly referring
to himself as Bradley's father Does not refere to audience
because he avoids the 2nd person "Way to go Bradley" Tone Syntax: Diction: verb:"charged"


noun: "penetration" Character's Dialogue: "hit somebody!" The author utilizes syntax, diction, and the characters’ dialogue to elicit a passionate and intense tone in the essay
complex sentences such as“On his next defensive opportunity, Bradley charged in low and powerfully, his penetration carrying him so deep… that he overran the ball carrier…” (59) Language It is elaborate, exaggerated, vivid. He relies on modifiers "gladiators" "ponderous fullback" & "stubby little towhead" Aids in creating the tone Active voice "duck that shoulder and go!" "you're falling forward out there!" Vocabulary

jargon can be seen through the dialogue. Kings uses dialogue that signify southern accents and phrases: the language is not advanced
because he uses more spoken forms of English colloquial language used throughout the essay "Wow!...Outta sight!" "Bobby Joe, dern you" even the title sounds colloqiual! Imagery "The day was miserably cold and wet for mid-October" Bradley is referred to a "blonde twelve-year-old" boy "Gene was bent over, his head between his legs, arms hugging his ribs "he shouted"

"he screamed"

"he raved"
Aside from the straightforward descriptions, King uses figurative language to give the reader a convenient way to grasp the images in the essay. Figurative Language Simile Simile Personification "Soon midlands flat
paved streets flowed "Seventh and eighth graders
of the city's three junior high
schools...pulled on their jerseys
in compliance with a tradition requ-
iring them to set themselves apart as gladiators" "weather's wet face" like shallow rivers" S-y-n-t-a-x paragraphs 1-8 (pgs 56-57) Complex 62% 29 sentences total, periodic Simple 24% Compound-Complex 14% Compound 0% Complex: Simple: Compound-Complex: “Bobby Joe, who may have weighed all of a hundred pounds, sneaked a timid glance at the sideline.” "The men laughed." “Each team practices from two to two and two and one-half hours per day, except on game days; no homework is assigned to football players the night before a game.” Touchdowwwwn! *How does tone relate back to purpose? *How does imagery relate back to purpose? *How does syntax help create the purpose? shortest sentence “They would wear the jerseys in their classrooms." 8 words longest sentence 48 words “Three hundred strong, ranging from twelve to fourteen years, they compromised the dozen junior high football teams-four to a school, two to a grade-that play blood-and-thunder eight-game schedules with provisions for the more successful to play through a city championship.”
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