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Likes and differences about me and Jhonny!

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Likes and differences about me and Jhonny!

Likes and differences about me and Johnny!
Me and Johnny are not alike by he is a boy and I am a girl. He is much stronger than me. I probably would have trouble lifting those kids out of that church, but I would still try my hardest to lift them! We are also not alike by he killed someone I have not. I would hate to kill someone. I would be scared like him.
Why Johnny and I are awesome:
Me and Johnny are awesome because we both would risk are life for someone. It would be hard for me to do it, but I would. We are also awesome because we love are friends and we will never hate them. We will always be with them and cherish them forever!!!
Me and Johnny are alike because we both would be really scared if we killed someone. I would probably run away too and not get caught. I would also want someone to runaway with me. That is my fist alike about
1st alike
2nd alike
Me and Johnny are alike because we both would care about a really good friend. Me and Johnny would both would want to help a friend. We also would love to save kids in a church. I would not just leave them like Darry wanted to, but Ponyboy and Johnny saved them. Johnny risked his life for the kids. I would love to do that. It would make me feel very happy.
Johnny and me
I picked Johnny because he is really nice. Johnny helped Ponyboy or Ponyboy helped Johnny, but ether one Johnny was helpful. Me and Johnny have a couple alike and a couple dislikes. Here are a few.
1st dislike
THE END!!!!!
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