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East Africa

No description

Jaquaisha Nelson

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of East Africa

East Africa
By Chloe&Jaquashia Government
Popular Culture Visit? Traditional People They are poor. Tanzania Burundi Rwanda Comoros Mouritius Kenya Somalia Seychelles Uganda Sudan Madagascar Eritrea Ethiopia Location The East part of Africa Landforms Africa shares the desert,Savanna Climate Changing by the highlands of Ethiopia,Kenya Physical Geography Maasai
The Maasai are thought of as the typical cattle herders of Africa, yet they have not always been herders, nor are they today. Cows represent "the Breath of Life" for the Maasai people. Yes, I would like to visit the area today. Because it seems like a really cool place even though it doesnt have everything like we do here in America. I really want to go because I want to learn about their culture and how they do things. So that is why I would like to visit the area today of Africa. Tanzania, Republic.
Burundi, Republic.
Rwanda, Rebulic Presidential multiparty system.
Comoros, Republic.
Mouritius, Parliamentary democracy.
Somalia, no permanet national government transitional paralimentary federal government.
Seychelles, Republic.
Kenya, Republic.
Uganda, Repblic.
Sudan, Republic.
Madagascar, Republic.
Djibouti, Republic.
Eritrea, Transitional government.
Ethiopia, Federal republic.
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