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The Queer Organization

Lecture for Diversity Management (CBS elective), 12th of October 2012

Sine Just

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of The Queer Organization

The Queer Organization
Sine Nørholm Just

From 'the personal is political'
to 'the theoretical is political'
- or 'doing being queer'
Main sources of inspiration
Eve Kosofsky Sedwick
Judith Butler
(1956- )
What is queer?
Political stance
Theoretical perspective
Analytical consequences
Deconstructing 'the norm(al)'
Critique of diversity management
Queering the organization
'Better' or just 'different'?
Sex = gender = sexuality = identity
...or copies of copies of copies of...?
Theories of practice
Practices of theory
...yet 'people are different from each other'
Michel Foucault
(1926- 1984)
"Don't ask me who I am,
and don't expect me to remain the same"
Diversity management - a contradiction in terms?
So...what is queer?
Not reducible to sex, gender, sexuality
Not reducible to post-structuralism
Not reducible to social constructionism

Sexuality embodies sexual power
Categories and identities are problematised
Politics of carnival and parody
The unsexy is sexed
Identities are decentred

Austin: "to utter one of these sentences [performatives] in appropriate circumstances is not just to "say" something, but rather to perform a certain kind of action" (1955, p. 5)
...will the real banker please stand up...
Conceptualises identity in fixed terms
'Others' vs the hegemonic white, male, heterosexual manager
Revise terms
Understand practice as performance
De- and reconstruct disciplines
Are there any alternatives?
And from 'theories about queers'
to 'queer theories'
From 'difference' to 'diversity' - and back?
Derrida: "Could a performative succeed if its formulation did not repeat a ‘coded’ or iterable utterance, or in other words, if the formula I pronounce in order to open a meeting, launch a ship or a marriage were not identifiable as conforming with an iterable model, if it were not then identifiable in some way as a ‘citation’?" (1988, p. 18).
Butler: "There is no gender identity behind the expression of gender; that identity is performatively constituted by the very 'expressions' that are said to be its results (1999, p. 33)
Allen: "The very fact that it is necessary for norms to be reiterated or cited by individuals in order for them to maintain their efficacy indicates that we are never completely determined by them’’ (1998, p. 463).
Doing being the 'young, global executive'?
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