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Diction Prezi

No description

Timothy Craig

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Diction Prezi

Author's Word Choice Diction 3 Levels of Diction High or Formal Diction Neutral Diction Types of Diction Low or Informal Diction Types of Diction Con't Assignment High or Formal
Low or Informal Contains Language that creates an elevated tone

No Slang
No Idioms
No Contractions
No Colloquialisms Uses standard language and vocabulary
without elaborate words and may include
some contractions. The language of everyday use.

It is relaxed and conversational. Slang-refers to a group of recently coined words
often used in informal situations. Slang words
typically come and go; passing in and out of

Colloquialisms- nonstandard, often regional, ways
of using language. For example, "Y'all" or "Cah"

Jargon-words or expressions characteristic of a
particular trade. For example, "home run,"
"stealing bases," "pitcher's mound," "4-6-3
Double play" are all jargon for baseball players. Dialect-nonstandard subgroup of language with
its own vocabulary and grammatical features.

Connotation-suggested meaning of a word or phrase.
The feeling associated with a word.

Denotation-dictionary definition of a word. Write a poem that uses diction in some way.

Do not come right out and say who you are or
where you are from.

Use some different type of diction and include at
least SIX different words/examples.
Slang terms
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