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The Dust Bowl!!!

No description

natalie jones

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of The Dust Bowl!!!

Another cause is.....
The jackrabbits and grasshoppers started to enter the area and eat all the plants. Any plants the farmers still had were being destroyed by these plant eating rascals. In the text
Jackrabbit Drives
it states "These jackrabbits were migratory and ate green plants and their roots." So they were killing the crops the poor farmers were working hard to supply for their families.
Oh man, more dust!!!
The topsoil was being used so much, time after time that it was never given time to restrengthen enough to grow more plants. It was loose so when the wind came it took the dust with it. In an article I read, they explained this "farmers had conducted extensive deep plowing of the virgin topsoil of the Great Plains during the previous decade; this had displaced the native, deep-rooted grasses that normally trapped soil and moisture even during periods of drought and high winds. The rapid mechanization of farm equipment, especially small gasoline tractors, and widespread use of the combine harvester contributed to farmers' decisions to convert arid grassland."
The Dust Bowl ends!!!
The Journey Of The Dust Bowl!!!
What were the causes of the Dust Bowl and what efforts were made to prevent similar disasters???
The farmers didn't know that America itself was not in shape. They believed they could keep using it and using it, but they couldn't because not everything was perfect. If it was then the dust storms wouldn't have happened. Robert Worster says"The ultimate meaning of the dust storms of the 1930s was that America as a whole, not just the plains, was badly out of balance with its natural environment."
Really out of shape!!!
This might help.......
They tried different farming techniques to prevent digging up a lot of top soil. They wanted the Dust Bowl gone because it was damaging everything. In the text,
The Drought,
it states "changing the basic farming methods of the region by seeding areas with grass, rotating crops, and using contour plowing, strip plowing, and planting shelter belts of trees to break the wind." So they are changing their ways to help the land.
They learn a lesson!!!!!
They learn to overcome adversity. Another way of putting it is that those who can accept challenges, will take these challenges in stride, will overcome the obstacles laid out in front of them to rebuild there lives!!! This is the overall theme of the Dust Bowl and is extremely important!!! For example in the text
Out Of The Dust
by Karen Hesse, Billie Jo overcomes the tragedy and devastation of her ma dying while going through the most extreme living conditions. All while this is going on Billie Jo keeps up her spirit with hope and determination.
Links to photos and videos!!!


People started advertising how marvelous the land was in southeastern Colorado, southwestern Kansas, the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma, and northeastern New Mexico. They didn't realize that soon people would start abusing the land for more of this astonishing wheat.
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