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Copy of Copy of Marketing Planning and Strategy

No description

Elina Jamal

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Marketing Planning and Strategy

Opportunity for Paradigm Shift 7 Marketing Ps Product Life Cycle Market Overview A survey of the market showed the willingness of the number of male and female students and workers on board with the idea of a sports themed cafe Strategic Segments Buyer Utility Map Totally sporty environment
watch sports, play games and eat lavish foods Features of Game Shack How well we present ourselves
sports theme and ambience computerized system for receipt generation
Redeemable entry fee card system With the cover of games and sports and fun, we would also like to promote health and exercise
Offering gym membership No café providing dining experience with a sports and gaming ambiance for sports lovers

No such service offering sports, gaming, dining and health awareness facilities all in one Elina Pasha
Raza Anwar
Rizwan Jahangir
Abdul Haseeb
Hamid Akram
Ali Akhtar
Khakan Rizwan Our vision is to promote sports, and to become the market leader in café business Vision Mission Our mission is to create a fun and safe place for families and youth to enjoy fast food and sports activity in a hearty environment Core Values Increase the love and awareness for sports

Bring innovation

Ensure a friendly, comfortable and sporty environment

Customer satisfaction

Encourage healthy activities and gym

Healthy food The primary focus of Game Shack is young people and sports fanatics

It also appeals to the frequent users of fast food and sports lovers

65% were in the favor of such a café, some girls were concerned with privacy issues Market Sensing Sports Cafe: Strategic Marketing Plan Presented to: Miss Qaran We conducted a survey with questionnaires

We talked to the manager of Tabaq restaurant We are using the price skimming strategy
The entry charges are Rs 300/- redeemable
Membership facility (starting from 1500) Cover most of our target market
Faisal town Lahore Social Media Marketing
Billboards and brochures Packaging Process People Product Price Promotion Place Layout of Game Shack An entire floor devoted to games; snooker, air hockey, hand ball, carrom, darts game An entire floor for sports ambience cafe, and LED’s Both floors will have a small bar for drinks and snack Two hours set aside only for girls, daily Juke box in gaming area Gym membership facility with The Fitness Factory Competitive Arena Brand Slogan Brand Activation We intend to collaborate with The Fitness Factory for gym memberships We will have small competitions and contests to promote sports and Game Shack Thankyou ANSOFF Model In the future we intend to provide swimming pool facility to members
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