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Pride and Prejudice

No description

Sarah Oliver

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen
Setting Plot Symbols Themes
Published in 1813 Written by Jane Austen Mr. Bennet Generally withdrawn from the rest of the family, he's closest to Elizabeth because they're the two intelligent Bennets. He think's his other daughters and wife are 'silly' in their pursuits. Eventually it becomes apparent that Mr. Bennet would rather shut himself up in his library then deal with the situations his family puts him in. He leaves the messes to be cleaned up by his relatives. Her main goal in life is to get her daughters married off so that she will be comfortable later in life and can gain status. She's loud, a gossip, and not much different from her teenage daughters in her mannerisms. Mrs. Bennet In her pursuit of this goal, she tends to forget her manners and often comes off as rude and pushy in public. Elizabeth The second Bennet daughter, she's thought to be the most intelligent, and is the protagonist of the novel. She's witty and a great conversationalist, and is hardly ever afraid to express her opinion. She doesn't fit well in the society around her because her manners and intelligence let her rise above it. This same thing tends to be her downfall, she isn't afraid to make judgments and state her opinion, sometimes offending people and making false accusations. Jane The oldest Bennet daughter, she's considered the prettiest. She's quiet, reserved, and very gentle. She's pursued by Mr. Bingley while he's at Netherfield, but as soon as they leave Jane no longer has contact with him and the prospect of their marriage shatters. She's a fairly vague character and Austen doesn't give much detail besides her being a good natured, happy, friendly person. Darcy is an extremely wealthy man who owns Pemberly Estate. He seems cold and proud to everyone who meets him. He has a low opinion of the Bennets and seems to have a particular dislike for Elizabeth. Mr. Darcy Mr. Bingley A wealthy man that moves into Netherfield at the beginning of the novel. He's similar to Jane in his nature; light hearted, friendly, and generally happy.
Darcy has a tendency to judge too quickly, and being born into wealth has made him far too aware of his social status and who's around him. He eventually realizes his pride is getting in the way of his happiness and softens enough to please Elizabeth. Mary, Kitty, and lydia The three younger Bennet sisters. Kitty and Lydia are boy crazy and often make trips to town to shamelessly flirt with the men in the regiment and gossip with their aunt. Mary on the other hand is quiet and not very social. Mr. Collins Collins is the cousin that's going to get the Bennet estate when Mr. Bennet is gone. He lives on the grounds of Lady Catherine de Bourgh and runs the church. Mr. Collins is pompous and snobby, and takes every chance he can get to brag about his patroness and her status. Mr. Wickham Wickham is a fortune hunting malitia officer who initially attracts Elizabeth, but his true character and intentions are revelaved. Charlotte Lucas Elizabeth's dearest friend, they're completely opposite. Charlotte isn't romantic and doesn't see love as the most important thing in a marriage. She's most interested in a comfortable home. Writing Style December 16 1775 – July 18 1817 Dialogue-driven
Wit and sarcasm dominate the text
A lot of reading between the lines, as Austen’s characters must almost always use polite language to mask their true intentions There are two major conflicts in the novel that develop the plot, which are driven by smaller conflicts throughout the book. Mrs. Bennet’s goal in life is to get her daughters married Asks her husband to associate with Mr. Bingley (a promising catch)
Becomes upset when Elizabeth refuses Mr. Collins’ offer of marriage
Bingley’s abrupt departure from Netherfield interrupts her plans
When Lydia elopes she doesn’t comprehend its fatality Mr. Darcy must overcome many obstacles in order to let himslef fall in love with Elizabeth Her mother's rude mannerisms
Wickham’s false accounts of him
Elizabeth’s false judgements
Lady Catherine de Bourgh
Conflicts Pride and Prejudice is free of clear symbolism, which could have something to do with the novel’s reliance on dialogue over description. Love
Darcy and Elizabeth’s realization of a mutual love implies that Austen views love as something independent of outside forces, something that can be obtained only by escaping the opinions and boundries of society. Love Darcy and Elizabeth’s realization of a mutual love implies that Austen views love as something free of outside forces, that can only be found if one escapes society's opinions and limitations. Reputation Austen seems to stress the idea of good reputaion throughout the book, and how having one is of most importance. Lydia's poor judgement in running away with Wickham is an example. This could have condemned the other Bennet girls to lives of disgrace because she could have wrecked the family repuation. Pride and Prejudice Darcy’s pride and Elizabeth’s prejudice get in the way of understanding each other and keeps them apart.
Only when Darcy becomes more humble and Elizabeth becomes more accepting can they relate to one another and find happiness together. Turn of the 19th century (1811)
Hertsfordshire, England
Family life Homeschooled by her father and brothers and learned through her own reading.
Her close knit family unit was essential to her success as a professional writer.
Wrote her entire life. Pride and Prejudice is the story of the Bennet family and the events that unfold after Mr. Bingley moves into town for the summer. Along with Bingley come his sisters, who hate anyone of a lower class then them, and Mr. Darcy, a close friend. The novel follows these characters through courtships, heartbreak, gossip, rumors, and falling in love. Recommendations The Boys The Boys' opinion The Girls' Opinion Both of us really enjoyed this book. If you like romance and a good love story, this is a must read. Both boys enjoyed the book, just not as much as the girls. Jesse said he'd recommend this book to guys if they have a 'softer side'.
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