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Career Shadow

No description

selah brown

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadow

State of Florida The division of Administrative Hearings Office of the Judge of Compensation Claims (Judge's Office and Mediation Office). I visited both offices however the main focus is on the Mediation process. Where the parties are brought together to work out the issues of an injured worker. The Mediator is not on either side and will be unable to give legal advice but is there to help the process alone. While helping the process he will tell the legal laws and try to have the parties work the issues out before trial. The division of Administrative Hearings (DOAH) office of the Judge of Compensation Claims is working towards a paperless office just like our school. They have also installed VTC (Video Tele-Conference) equipment so that hearings can be held from different locations,from Tallahassee. Some employability skills that are needed for this job are:typing, computer, phone techniques, office skills, reading, writing, grammar skills, people skills, team work, and leader ship. The average salary for a Judge to earn is $150,000.00, for a Mediator it is $110,000.00, and for Secretaries it is $29,000.00. High School Diplomas are accepted for secretaries. To be the Judge or the Mediator you must have a Law Degree. Technology that is used daily on this job is: video surveillance, computers, printers, scanners,and phones. No i would not pursue a career with this company, because i think it is a very boring job. What i liked best about this job is that you get to meet new people through out the day. I love meeting new people daily. I also like that this is an indoor job, because of my health i would have to watch the types of careers i choose. What i didn't like about this job is that there is no fun about this job. You mainly have to be strict and serious about most of the things you do, because these are real people prolems. If you mess up your not only messing up in your job field you also could mess up some ones ppaper work or confuse other people with others.
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