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Business Ethics - Principles

No description

Marco Behrens

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Business Ethics - Principles

Virtues Principles Bonton Laws Subjective Objective Business Ethics ... is the harmonisation of subjective and objective interests of stakeholders and shareholders. Principles Business Ethics presentation by Tabea Stude
Markus Lach
Matej Certov
Marco Behrens Content Introduction 4 Principles Proactivity
Subsidiarity Self-sufficiency Proactivity 7 habits of highly effective people you do not wait for others
thinking, planning & acting in advance
seeking for feedback
addressing problems
initializing problem solving processes
building up social networks Proactivity at workplace anticipation and planning signify the psychological representation of a possible behavior
action signifies the physical manifestation of anticipation
people are mindful of the effects of their actions Action develop plans how to implement ideas
transforming vision into an implementation guide
alternative strategies and backup plans
crucial role in the proactivity process Planning initiate events relevant to our self by our self
no outside stimulus to change or to remain the same
potentially sovereign
subject and not an object
is being anticipatory, change-oriented and self-initiated behavior Phases of the
proactivity process employees think ahead to anticipate future outcomes
thinking of benefits and costs of pursuing possible futures
increases people’s confidence
self-fulfilling prophecies
anticipating motivates people Anticipation
Basic foundation for the creation of the habits

Teaching lessons – how to move out of dependence and come to independence

Lead to interdependence – align one’s needs with those of others

Directs a person to begin a process of self-improvement Stephen Covey’s book – 4 sections Before giving advice – listen to people Solidarity Ability to be unwaveringly directed toward the common good
Feeling or knowledge of kinship with human race
Treats of collective welfare of the social group "Unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group: factory workers voiced solidarity with the striking students." Oxford Dictionary:
“Solidarity is the integration, and degree and type of integration, shown by a society or group with people and their neighbors. It refers to the ties in a society that bind people to one another.” Wikipedia: Subsidiarity free to organize work alone
free to take initiative to make decisions for the organization as a whole unit Application Business relationship between higher and lower orders of society
treats the individual‘s welfare in
a social group
requires those in positions of authority to recognize:
individuals‘ right to
participate in decisions that
affect them
in accord with their responsibility to the common good
interventions to protect the needs and rights of all all the decisions should be made in the right hierarchical level, time moment and location
a central authority should perform only tasks which can not be performed at a more local level
the decision should be taken at the right moment
and at the location they appear key principle of EU
political decisions in the lowest possible administrative/political level
decision close to the citizens

„Stealing people‘s problems means stealing their choices“ Application EU Definiton ... refers to the state of not requiring any outside aid, support or interaction for survival type of extreme personal or collective autonomy Business context ...is the ability of a business subject to fulfill critical function in a critical situation post-modern self-sufficiency exist outside industrialized non-agrarian 'western' norms
reduce the reliance on a capitalistic structure Examples energy supply
water systems
own production of fruit and vegetable key focus create a significantly high level of quality of life with use of modern technology Definiton Paradigms and Principles Private Victory (1-3) Public Victory (4-6) Renewal (7) shouldn‘t make the tasks which can be made more efficiently by lower ones
responsible to help the lower ones with coordination of the activities in the whole community Higher Units Employees END thank you for your attention Definition “A principle is an abstract object, which signifies a point of probability on a subject, which allows for the formation of rule or norm or law by interpretation of the phenomenon that can be created.” gives a fundament for an evolutionary normative or formative development

the point of principle allows creating all probable versions under its subjective theme

“Ethic is a reflection of morals, which encompass the totality of all standards required by society for good and proper life.” Framework of Ethics: it is in human nature to seek for good because so people can achieve happiness
to prove virtues one must set principles as parameters Aristotle: Origin of principles: Independent from human beings – principles established by external authorities (e.g. Zeus, God)
Dependent from human being (Kant) – principles are free from all external requirements and constraints highlights moral autonomy
the key ethical question is: “What should I do?”
in conclusion: our own action must be universally valid, to be able to be generalized. Kant Long-term goals & formulating a persional vision statement
taking responsibility for every aspect of your life
Thinking about his thoughts
Power of independence
Timeframe between stimulus and response Be proactive Begin with the End in Mind
Framework for prioritizing work; management delegation – important Put First Things First Think Win/Win Mutually solutions satisfy oneself , in case of conflict – both parties Selected recreational activities („The whole is greater than the sum of parts“) ethics arises as a consensus between different discourse partners of objective understanding about what is good or bad Seek First to Understand, Then to be understood Synergize describes a way of working in teams Focus on balanced self-satisfaction production
accounting research &
staff management
storing / stocking 8 basic business functions enables to reduce levels of authority
requires trust and confidence
enables to be flexible concerning environmental changes
giving the employees real power = giving them responsibility
lower units need to understand the whole organization & common good
managers maintain communication, culture and cooperation
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