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olivia mclean

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of O.Henry

O.Henry 1862-1910
O.Henry had left school when he was 15years old. William started working as a clerk at his uncle's drugstore. When william was 20 years old he moved to texas and his first job was working on a ranch, then later on he became a bank teller. In 1887 William married Athol Estes, and they had a daughter Margaret Worth Porter. When he was on the run in Honduras, from the charges of embezzlement, he returned to Texas, and surrendered himself, when he learned that his wife was dying.On July 25, 1897 William's wife Athol had passed away.
After William had got out of prison, William had married Sarah Lindsey Coleman, who had was his childhood sweetheart, in Ashville, North Carolina, in 1907, They got a divorce in 1908. William had started writing many storied after he got out of prison.
Some Books He Wrote
Blind Man's Holiday
The gift of the magi
Twist Endings
The Last Leaf
41 Stories
Dance of Folly and Pleasure\
Waifs and Strays
Cabbages and Kings
The Very Best of O Henry
O Christmas Three
The Gentle Grafte
Rolling Stones
Who is O.Henry
William Sydney Porter also known as O.Henry was born on September 11, 1862 in Greensboro, North Carolina. William father was a physician, his mother died when he was 3years old so he went to go live with his grandmother and aunt.
Some Poems
o Chanson De Boheme
o Drop a Tear in This Slot
o Hard To Forget
o Tamales
o The Lullaby Boy
o The Old Farm
o The Pewee
o Two Portraits
o Vanity
o Murderer, The
Characters: Della, Mr. James Dillingham Young, Mrs. James Dillingham Young, Jim, Queen of Sheba, King Solomon (janitor), Grand.
Conflict: they are poor and don't have money for christmas
Theme: the best gift is giving out of love
Setting: the apartment
Plot: TITLE: The gift of the Magi AUTHOR: O. Henry
5 Major Elements
5 Literary Elments
Allusion: Jim and Della were married so they knew eachother like a book
Archetype: in the short story jim sold his watch to get his wife Della the comb she always wanted and they showed a drawing in the book of the comb
Epiphany: When jim seen that Della had cut her hair
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