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Plot Quotes for Rising Action:

No description

Nate Branstein

on 10 October 2016

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Transcript of Plot Quotes for Rising Action:

Plot Quotes:
1. Mr. McCarthy: "-will serve as your senior thesis in English. Like the autobiographies we've read this year, yours should probe the themes in your life, analyzing signal events and charting the influences of family, community, and your historical era on your development" (Fleischman 3)

2. Rob: "I was aware that there was a voice missing from the chorus. My father's voice" (Fleischman 19)

3.Rob: "-since we've lived with my grandparents. I have no brothers or sisters. I was raised among adults and treated as one" (Fleischman 10)
Rising Action
Falling Action
Seek Assessment
By Nate Branstein

Tone Quotes:
Plot Quotes:
1. Rob: "I'd made up my mind. I would find him" (Fleischman 20)

2. Rob: "So how did you meet? The real story now that I'm not five anymore" (Fleischman 25)

3. Rob: "Had my father made up his own stations, too? What had I inherited from him?" (Fleischman 69)

4. Rob: "I believed that I could bring him back" (Fleischman 39)

Plot Quotes:
1. Rob: "My real father wasn't coming back. And then: I don't really mind" (Fleischman 127)

2. Rob: "I no longer had nay expectations about him. He was a moth I'd released into the night. I was beyond trying to catch him" (Fleischman 128)

3. Rob: "I left this guided fantasy and opened my eyes. Slowly, I unfolded myself from the fallen leaf. I stood up. Then everything I did I'd just imagined" (Fleischman 128)
Plot Quotes:
1. Rob: "Choosing our own radio names would be fun" (Fleischman 135)

2. Rob: "I was struck voiceless. A bell without a tongue. I shut the door and lay down on the bed. There was booming silence on the line" (Fleischman 146)

3. Neva: "And from that one detail I assumed you were a nerd and crossed you off my list- for three days anyway" (Fleischman 129)
Plot Quotes:
1. Rob: " The call had been an earthquake, an unexpected jolt. But my walls hadn't collapsed. Actually, I felt oddly calm. The fallen leaf is the most stable of shapes. This time I felt I hadn't simply twisted my unwilling limbs into it, but that I possessed it within me" (Fleischman 160)

2. Lenny and Rob: Would you like me to be... more connected? 'Not really'" (Fleischman 154)
Theme: When faced with loss one should always forgive, never forget, and move on.
1. Rob's Mother: "Forgiving doesn't mean you approve of what someone did. It means you understand why they did it" (Fleischman 160)

2. Rob: "There hasn't been any further word form Lenny. On my part, there's been more understanding, and more recognition of how lucky I've been with the family that raised me" (Fleischman 163)

3. Rob: "All these years later, he was ready for a relationship, by which time I no longer missed him. We were riding a seesaw, facing each other up or down" (Fleischman 158)

4. Rob: "It's been six months since the call. Life, as I'd told Lenny, is quite sufficiently full and fulfilling" (Fleischman 162)

1. 1st Female Caller: "Yeah, my name's Tracy and I want you to play "Gotta Lotta Love" by Shriek and I want you to play it for Randy 'cause I miss him so much and he hasn't called me forever" (Fleischman 5)

2. Lenny: "'Cause music works as good as food. Brings back the old times and the old folks" (Fleischman 30)

Tone Quotes:
1.Opera Radio Host: As Act Two opens, three years have passe since Pinkerton's departure. Madame Butterfly, however, has not given up hope" (Fleischman 38) Hopeful, Optimistic

2. Audiobook Reader "How they clang, and clash, and roar\ What a horror they outpour\ On the-" (Fleischman 79)
Sadness, Melancholy

3. 3rd Female Caller "Hey, Lenny. Take me back to the thirties, OK? It's not like I was living back then, but that's where I want to go" (Fleischman 85)
Tone Quotes:
1. Rob's Grandmother: "Never go up and pet a dog you don't know. Hold out your hand and let it come to you if it wants to" (Fleischman 109)
Careful, hesitant

2. 4th Female Caller: "Those songs really stay with you forever, and I'd like you to play the song on there, 'I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair' and I'd like you to play it really loud" (Fleischman 118)

3. Lenny: "But this show's here to celebrate the past, not trash it" (Fleischman 118)
Tone Quotes:
1. James: "-because people don't want to deal with homelessness anymore. They're tired of the issue" (Fleischman 138)
Conclusive, annoyed

2. 4th Female Caller: "-'I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair' and I'd like you to play it really loud" (Fleischman 118)
Advanced, Moved On
Tone Quotes:
1. Lenny "You know what trick-or-treating's really about? Making the dead one's favorite foods. That's what brings 'em back home" (Fleischman 164)
Gratification, Independent
Works Cited:
Fleischman, Paul. Seek. Carus Publishing Corporation, 2001.
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