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The Art Of Magic

No description

Kim Sarrell

on 15 February 2018

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Transcript of The Art Of Magic

The art of
Compare and contrast
Harry Houdini

John Henderson


Max Maven

Jay Marshall

Jeff Mcbride

Jamy Ian Swiss
Famous Magicians
First: the sword is straightened and shown to the audience

Second: the sword is put down the throat but really is being curled up in the mouth like a tape measure.

Third: the sword is pulled out aka being unraveled out until its straight again.
the Pendragons swallowing sword trick
the cause of magic being created by Egyptians and Romans is now a world known thing.almost all magic tricks that were done then are known now. Most magicians today make up there own to present to there audience.
cause and effect
by Carl Waldren
Joe Layden
Magic can be broken down into three categories or venues such as close up magic, street magic, or stage magic. Magic can be preformed by doing illusions or manipulation also known as slight of hand. Illusions are done mostly with rigged equipment. an example of illusion would be someone floating or something being vanished. manipulation can be shown as would be a magician using other things to distract you while he is prepairing somthing

Does not use magic equipment

Distracts the audience

Can be used in close up and street magic

Uses rigged equipment

usually shown up on stage

can be used to make things vanish or cut in half
Both are used in every magic trick
The earliest known magic performance was around 2600 B.C., performed by and Egyptian named Dedi. No one knows for sure what he did
in 1934 an amazing trick called the indian rope trick was preformed
in 2700 the cup and ball trick was invented which would lead to be used by hustlers in Rome to make money
in 1783 professor Pinetti preformed the first full length magic show in Paris.
The Art Of
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