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Mobile Food Truck Business Plan

No description

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Mobile Food Truck Business Plan

Business Description

What is a mobile food truck ?
A business that serves food from a truck that could be stationed in different locations depending on the demand of food.
Business Name
Industry Analysis
The goal of our company is to provide total customer satisfaction made possible by providing a delicious, clean Mexican food with a competitive price from a mobile food truck.

Mobile Food Truck Business Plan
There are 982 licensed restaurants in Amman.

GET FATTY is specialized in Mexican food.

There are only 10 Mexican restaurants in Amman, they will be our main competitors.

We are the first entries to food truck industry in Jordan.
1. Save the expenses of a lease.

2. Make more personal connection with customers.

3. Attract the attention of customers with new concept in dinning.

4. Average monthly sales of 15,000 Jordanian Dinar.

5. Develop a business that will survive off its own cash flow.

6. Provide fast service with high standards.

7. Get all the money back that was invested in the business within 8 months max.

8. Expand by adding another food truck after the first year.

Get Fatty mission is to provide Amman with high quality Mexican food served from a mobile food truck at a reasonable price.

Company Ownership
Partnership owned.

Funded by equity financing.

We contracted with Apollo Street Food Trucks.
Start-Up Expenses
Food tuck (Used Grumman Step Van) 8,400 JD

Interior Conversion (784 JD/lin.ft.) (16 linear feet) 11,968 JD

Interior window 725 JD

Generator 1,050 JD

Complete Water System 4,250 JD

Fire suppression 1,000 JD

Shipping 1,000 JD

Customs 17,000 JD

Equipments 5,085 JD

Art work, sign and brochures 780 JD

Legal 1300 JD

Technology 900 JD

Start up operation for the first three months 6,515 JD

Total Start Up Expenses = 60,000 JD

Get Fatty will be a moveable restaurant, so it will move to where the demand is.

Get fatty will try to get a permission from several universities to stop on their campus.
Restaurant design
Exterior profile
Interior profile
Roof profile
Water system profile
Opening Date
October 1,2014

Products and Services
Products and Services Description

The primary revenue for Get Fatty will come from the sale of food served from the Company’s food truck

Get Fatty will be specialized in serving general Mexican fast food.

We choose the most Mexican cuisine dishes to serve in Get Fatty’s Food Truck.

Main Products
1. Meals

2. Sandwiches

3. Desserts

4. Hot drinks

5. Cold drinks
Get Fatty's
Inside outside cheese burger
Chicken Torta
Beef Torta
Beef Taco
Chicken Taco
Fish Taco
Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Quesadilas
Mexican burger
Meals and Sandwiches
Mexican Hot Dog
Mexican Italian Pizza
Fried Potato's and Wedges
Cinnamon Apples
Mexican chocolate cake with caramel
Mexican hot coca cup cakes
Mexican Chocolate Raspberry parfaits
Mexican Cookies
Mexican brownies
Hot Drinks
1. Tea
2. Turkish Coffee
3. American Coffee
4. Nescafe (Cappuccino, Mocha, Vanilla, Latte)
5. Hot Chocolate
6. Herbs (Sage, Anise, Chamomile, Mint, Ginger).
7. Arabic Coffee
8. Espresso

Cold Drinks

1. Soft Drinks

2. Mexican Fruit Cocktail

3. Seasonal Fruit Cocktail

4. Daily Special Drink

5. Water

Marketing Analysis
Marketing Mission
Get Fatty marketing mission is to be able to provide
delicious Mexican fast food at a reasonable prices
and in an efficient time manner.

Marketing objectives
1. Set a powerful presence in the universities areas.

2. Advertise our food truck

3. Establish long term linkage with suppliers.

4. Concentrate on customer satisfaction.

5.Increase market share.
Market Segmentation
1. Main target will be university students.

2. Events

3. Places that features large number of people.

Competition and Buying Patterns
Our competitors rely on their image, advertising and products to keep on drawing in customers.

Get Fatty mobile food truck can go to customers or park in crowded places, visit different locations and when combined with delicious Mexican meals at a competitive price, Get Fatty will create a crowd at any location where it goes.

Survey Results
SWOT Analysis
1. Truck extent limits preparation area.

2. Parking areas for the food truck.

3. Country regulation

4. Lack of established reputation.

1. Growth of target market.

2. Main competitor’s high prices.

3. Extensive range of events in the summer.

4. Universities populated areas.
1. Uncontrolled traffic in Amman.

2. Weather

3. Competition

1. First mover advantage.

2.Able to move to where the demand is.

3. Easy advertisement by moving from place to another.

4. Reasonable prices
1. Promote on social media pages

2. Attend local events.

3. Presence in different locations.

4. Memorable sign’s and arts all over the food truck.

5. Huge board menu

6. Word of mouth.

7. Branded boxes and bags.

8. Set up a live video cam on our truck to show the
world what is going on the Get Fatty truck.

9. Provide hot offers and simple gifts

Management Analysis
Organization Chart
Working Schedule
• Six days in a week.

• Twenty six working days in the month.

• No work on Friday’s (Only events).

• Working days are from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm.

• In Ramadan from 07:00 pm until 05:00 am.

Training plan for Employees:
1. Communication skills sessions.

2. Finance courses for the cashier.

3. Instruction of traffic rules for the driver.

4. Cooking training lessons for the chief assistant.

Expansion plan
Get Fatty will also expand its business by adding another food truck after the first year.

set up a base of operations with a regular restaurant establishment in the long-run.
Financial Analysis
The Financing
Total start up expenses cost is 60,000 JD.

Get Fatty will get back the money that was invested within eight months max.
Financial Assumptions

Yearly Sales Forecast
Break Even Analysis
Income Statement
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