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benefits of physical education

No description

Indi Plunkett

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of benefits of physical education

benefits of physical education
physical education
physical education is a great way to keep fit, keeping fit means you have a balanced life and hobby. This is Bolt showing off how much he likes running
the benefits of physical education
the benefit of physical education varies on of these benefits is a smaller risk of getting cardiovascular disease and diabetes, which is caused by obesity
In pairs
when you are by yourself exercising you arn't as motivated as you would be in a pair or a group (e.g. playing basketball) and your not interacting with the community, so get to your local park,
emotional benefits
the emotional benefits include-
~ increasing yourself esteem
~feeling better about yourself
~ feeling happy and healthy
~ when you exercise you feel like you have got more energy then what you started with so you keep doing more and that will keep you fit
barriers in physical activities
Barriers in physical activities vary, an emotional barrier is losing interest in the activity that you are doing but usually you can find another interest.
One of the other barriers are that you have another activity that 'overpowers' the physical activity.
Now here is an insperational person in my life that I would love to show you a video of because I would like to be a long distance swimmer like her, she is Jessica Ashwood
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