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Study Case of Business and Technology Partnering for SMEs

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BMTech Worldwide

on 6 July 2016

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Transcript of Study Case of Business and Technology Partnering for SMEs

Study Case of Business and Technology Partnering for SMEs
Successful Co-op between BMTech Worldwide & GE Healthcare
Integrated Techs from Co-op with University Researches
R&D based Organization
BMTech, Small but Strong SME
Innovation in Business Model
Combination of Best Features in Technology
BM Tech (BMT) delivers FMD to GE

Reuse of basic gantry design & OEM suppliers
New SBCB and Firmware
New shrouds with GE colors
Increase of Production capabilities to build 1000 units/year

GE Lunar (GEL) delivers to BMT

Detector/DIB/Cerium Filter
Optimized enCORE SW and testing
Connection to GE suppliers
Design guidance on cost, quality, and performance

Global Market-leading Product

Prospective High Technology for Contribution to Human Bone Health
High Reliability in Technology and Speedy Flexibility in Research Manpower
Cost Efficiency from Innovative Development in Subsystem
Global Sales Network and Competitive Production


Seungmoo Han, President of BMTech and Mike Kelly, Business Leader of Lunar, GE Healthcare met at Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipement Show 2013 through Mr. Kyeon, Manager of Detection and Guidance Solutions (DGS), GE Healthcare Korea, who was aware of needs from both groups.
Founder and President of B. M. Tech. Worldwide from 1998
Professor in medical engineering dept. of Kyunghee University from 2000

Ph.D. and Lecturer from the State University of New York at Buffalo, USA
Published 52 journal papers related to the area of medical equipment

Seungmoo Han

B.M.Tech. Worldwide is a Korea venture enterprise to develop and manufacture
Bone Densitometer with Dual X-ray and Ultrasound technology.
Right Match for Needs
How did it start?
Review of Joint Development
Commercial Release of the New Product
BMTech expects to be Market-leading Enterprise
What do we expect from Business Co-op and Tech. Partnering?
The more Partnership within
Technologies, Businesses and Researches,

the more Creation of
Innovation and Valuses.
New Business Model created
for High Performance and Efficiency
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