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Reservation Blues

No description

Jade Dee

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Reservation Blues

A 1995 novel
This novel tells a story about a blues and rock band of Spokane Indians.
This band has many up and downs in their journey. This journey takes them from reservation bars to small-town taverns, from the cement trails of Seattle to the concrete canyons of Manhattan.

The book, "Reservation Blues" gives the reader insight on the importance of place, the power of dreams, and how influential music can be.
Sherman Alexie discussed many issues relevant to Native Americans, both past and present. He uses humor and sadness.
Urges the reader that anyone with a dream or hope can change routine and do something special for him/herself.
The themes in this book tell the reader the different views of culture assimilation. Place and heritage are important, Alexie makes his point over and over again in the book.
There is a sense of pride and fierce dignity that comes with being an Indian.
Through each character we, the readers, experience every tragedy and struggle personally.
He uses humor that leaves the reader with a sense of understanding, and respect.
Started reading when he first picked up a comic book. His father was his inspiration and what influenced him the most was getting off the reservation. Also, aspiring others that education is the key.
Bio of Sherman Alexie
He was born in October 1966, on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Wellpinit, VA.
When he was only six months, he wasn't expected to live due to his brain. He also, had childhood seizures.
Went to high school off the reservation
Graduated in 1985, attended Gonzaga University, then transferred to WSU.
Graduated with his B.A in American Studies.
Married to Diane Tomhave and has two sons.
Most importantly, he is a poet, author, screenwriter, filmmaker.
By: Jade Dee
Reservation Blues
My view on the novel
My personal discovery about Sherman Alexie is that he explains the reality of reservation life, inflicts stereotype in his work.
Reservation Blues tells readers a normal day-to-day story without all the expectation occurrences that take place.
The characters in the novel do not look forward to the next day and don't have much of a plan for the future.
The novel doesn't give a happy ending like you think it would.
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