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THEME Statement Notes

No description

Elanna Killackey

on 12 June 2017

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Transcript of THEME Statement Notes

Experiencing these EMOTIONS leads to the HUMAN CONDITION. In what CONDITION are HUMANS when they experience strong EMOTION or a mixture of strong EMOTIONS?
Are you afraid of heights?
Terror is an abstract noun.
Exhilaration is an abstract noun.
Fear is an abstract noun.
Thrill is an abstract noun.
Anxiety is an abstract noun.
What causes the terror?
What causes the rush?
Any EMOTION a human can experience
is an abstract noun.
Step 1: What is the subject,
topic, abstract noun? CONDITION of the HUMAN
Asking the right questions:
EVERY work of literature (novel or poem) was written because of these abstract nouns.
EVERY work of literature comments/expresses the HUMAN CONDITION (central idea or truth).
Step 2: What does the
passage reveal about
the abstract noun
(subject topic)?

proves this message
about the abstract
Step 3: Can this message apply to people
like you and me or even Grandpa Joe? Does this message apply to
If you answered yes at anytime in step 3, chances are you have written or established a THEME STATEMENT.
Rules to Memorize for Theme:

1. It CANNOT be about characters or events in the passage; however,
these characters or events proves the theme statement's existence.
2. It SHOULD NOT contain "always" or "never".
3. It CANNOT be about you, me, or Grandpa Joe (just a coincidence).
4. It MUST be universal enough to apply to all human beings.
5. It WILL NOT be a command (understood "you").
6. It WILL NOT be a question.
7. It WILL NOT be an explanation.
8. No cliches allowed ("YOLO!").
Adolescent romance is stronger than family bonds.
-- The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
Excessive pride can lead to fatal judgements.
-- Things Fall Apart
Obsession with the past can distort reality.
-- The Great Gatsby
Chosen ignorance will breed intolerance in a society where nonconformity is evil.
-- The Scarlet Letter
Theme Statement Examples:
Romeo's love supersedes family bonds.
-- The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.
His excessive pride led to an untimely death.
--Things Fall Apart
Greed always distorts reality.
--The Great Gatsby
Always be yourself no matter how long it takes you.
-- The Scarlet Letter
Incorrect Theme Statements
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