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Why Do We Have to Take EOGs?

A presentation for students to understand the importance of End of Grade Testing.

Jim Lee

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Why Do We Have to Take EOGs?

Why do we have to take these stupid EOGs? The state makes you take them. Your teachers need to know you can do the work. They need to know the school is doing its job. They need to compare all students statewide. They need to show the taxpayers that their money is well spent. The tests show if you can read, write, and show math and science skills on your grade level. Because you take similar tests every year, we can see how you have grown in learning. all students take the same tests.
all students are held to the same standards.
all students must take the tests under the same conditions. If you are making the grade each year, we know you will have the skills to make it in the real world someday. N.C. Report Cards
ABCs of Education
No Child Left Behind Open up another browser and
find our school's report card at
www.ncreportcards.org/src Growth is measured against your
previous years' performance on the EOGs. The tests measure several ways in which you
should be proficient in math and reading such
as basic math skills and vocabulary. Adequate Yearly Progress:
goals for different groups Growth Categories School Designations by ethnic groups
by economic class
by learning ability No Growth
Expected Growth
High Growth School of Excellence
School of Distinction
School of Progress
Priority School
Low Performing School Your teachers can take the information
from your test results and figure out what
you and your classmates need to learn so
we can adjust what we teach in the future. Can you make this make sense? How do these things
work together?
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