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Rafiki Friend Chains

No description

Navjeet K

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Rafiki Friend Chains

Rafiki Friend Chains!
Rafiki Chains come in Heath, Income, Food, Abc Education and Water. You can wrap it around your wrist, wear it around your neck, wear it as a anklet or, wear it in your hair as a headband. It's super fashionable. You can mix & match the chains. Rafiki chains cost $10.00. But you think why should I buy this? We are going to tell you.
Why should I buy this?
If you support and buy the Rafiki Friend chains, this is what will happen to the children that are in need. 2013 Chain's will give a child school supplies for a full year, WOW! Every $10 ABC Education Chain will give the child school supplies and also give a fair wage to the maasai mamas to help their children go to school. Buy one and wear the fashionable accessory and ensure that FREE THE CHILDREN has the fair access to education. Could you imagine living without school supplies or water? We couldn't. Do you want to make a difference? If you do buy one! $10.00! Just imgaine those children can now survive because of you! MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
Rafiki Chains!
By: Navjeet & Aathavi
Handmade by a Maasai
Mama in Kenya!
Maasai Mamas in Kenya, made these beautiful chains. They use special materials and tools to make these. Maasai mamas are people who did
not go to school, so Maasai mamas depend on their husband to do the work and get the money for food, clothes and education. These woman have been empowered and they say: We can work the same as men. That's when FREE THE CHILDREN came in and now the money you give goes to the children in need.
We hope that this convinced you to buy a
rafiki chain and support Me to We or Free the
Children. The Child to Child team will sell Rafiki
Chains if you are interested in buying one,
So we hope you will buy one!!! In a week, or
so forms will be handed out to students from
their teachers talking about how to buy one
and if you do want to buy one, then fill the blanks in and we will ship it to the school.
Almost Done...
Meet the mamas me to we artisans
These posters will be hanging up around the school!
Both Genders
Men and woman can wear the Rafiki Friend Chains. Look at Jennifer Hudson, Spencer West, and Nelly Furtado wearing these awesome chains.
The End!
We hope you enjoyed
our performance!
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