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Maisie Nash-Lewis

on 3 October 2011

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R.W.C HEADACHE OR CURE? relating to movie making movie making key comps managing self...
you have to be able to manage your time.. use it wisely... we didn't realise this until we were almost at the end of the time we were allowed for preproduction. we had to be efficient with what we do, but make sure we didn't get behind in the rest of our schoolwork. there was a lot of things that needed doing and we had to make sure everything was done well relating to others...
we had to work as a team... which is always really hard to do. when we decided who we wanted to handle different responsibilities in our movie we had to think of who would be able to listen to us... and we couldn't just choose them because they were our friends. many of the problems we had were based on the relationships we had with others. we had people complaining about who was in the movie, at times us and our teacher didn't agree on things, everyone wanted to take over control. it's really based on the hierarchy and who has the most power. the mm extension group thought they did, whereas the actors wanted to be top of the hierarchy etc. participating and contributing...
we wanted to get everyone involved in the movie... but it's not really possible to give everyone the part they want. but we tried our bestest and i think we did a pretty good what we learnt working as a team with your friends is really hard. you're always worried if your going to overstep the authority mark. somehow all the social playground problems find a way to get into your schoolwork aswell. we never really realised this before movie making. we have to make sure that people know we're top of the hierarchy, otherwise they won't listen. movie making shouldn't always take charge. sometimes it does though, and you need to learn to be smart enough not to make the same mistake twice to always have a plan b and have lots of etra time beforehand... just in case how does this relate to the world cup? in movie making it's just..
-pre production
-pre production
-pre production
-post production
-post production
-post production

in rwc it's the same thing... everyone get's so excited before. they want to get started on the actual event. before and after is even bigger than the actual event. in movie making we all have specific jobs and sometimes others can take over your job even though its not theirs. we know this from experience.

and i'm sure in rwc the same things happen.
how does movie making relate to last term? when your filming people can muck around like in a human zoo (last term was human zoo) people can get very stressed and people can start to fight and cause arguments and then emotions go flying around and last term near the end it was quite alike that thankyou for watching our prezi by maisie and carla
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