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serjik ser

on 24 April 2012

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Transcript of hvdc

AC Filter HVDC transmission National Research Tomsk Politechnic University 2012 made by
S. A. Chervonnyy Introduction
HVDC - high-voltage, direct current AC bus Transformer Converter Control system Smoothing
reactor DC Filter DC Transmission HVDC components Conclusion
DC transmission has many more advantages, such as stability and controlled emergency support.
In near future this technology probably will be develop very intensive. Origins DC versus AC 1. Lower cost of power line
2. Long distance water crossing
3. Lower losses
4. Asynchronous connection
5. Controllability of active power
6. Converter stations at each end of a power line 4. Asynchronous connection 5. Controllability of active power but
The disadvantages of HVDC are in conversion, switching, control, availability and maintenance.

1. conversation
2. switching
3. control
4. availability
5. maintenance Plan Origins
HVDC components
Scheme types
DC vs AC HVDC electric power transmission system uses direct current for the bulk transmission of electrical power, in contrast with the more common alternating current systems. I t Idc In 1882 was demonstrated the first long-distance HVDC transmission (Miesbach-Munich) - 2.5 kW
the 2nd of 19th century - Battle of the Currents between Thomas Edison (DC) vs Nikola Tesla (AC)
In 1954 commissioned the first commercially operating scheme with mercury arc valves - 20MW, 100kV
In 1997 was started to appear Voltage-Source Converter
Nikola Tesla (AC) Thomas Edison (DC) Rene Thury THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! 1. Back-to-back
frequency changing
asynchronous connection

2. Point-to-Point Overhead Line
bulk transmission

3. Point-to-Point Submarine Cable
bulk tranmission
underwater or underground
HVDC scheme types
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