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Lesson 2: Mexico Imposes Its Authority

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Toni Hawkins

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Lesson 2: Mexico Imposes Its Authority

The Fredonian Rebellion
Haden Edwards and his brother tried to settle people near Nacogdoches even though the Mexican government told them people already lived there.
They ignored the Mexican government and told people who were already living there that they needed to show proof that they owned the land or pay him.
The Mexican government canceled his contract.
Edwards declared that Texas was an independent nation and called it the Republic of Fredonia.
He promised to divide the land into 2 parts: one for the Anglos and one for the Native Americans.
Not many people supported Edwards.
His revolt was quickly put to an end by the Mexican soldiers and Austin's militia.
Mier y Teran visits Texas
In 1827, the Mexican government sent General Don Manuel de Mier y Teran to explore Texas and write a report.

Mier y Teran fought in the Mexican Revolution. He was a patriot who loved his country.

In his report, he noted that he had great concerns because as you travel farther north in Texas, it became less and less "Mexican." For each Mexican native, there were 10 "foreigners" with more and more settlers arriving daily.

He also wrote that the opinion that the settlers had of the Mexicans was very low.
Mier y Teran's Recommendations
The general proposed sending more troops to Texas.
The government should send more Mexicans and Europeans settlers to Texas.
This would supposedly weaken the influence of settlers from the U.S..
Mexico should increase its trade with Texas to bring the two places closer together.
Mexico Vs. Texas
Mexico Angers the Settlers
Slavery temporarily ends
: 1829 - President Guerrero ends slavery in his country. The settlers took this as a warning and believed that it meant fewer Americans would move to Texas. Although this law was on the books, it wasn't enforced.
The Law of April 6, 1830
- The Mexican government hoped that ending slavery would stop Americans from coming to Texas. Since this didn't work, the goal was to end immigration altogether. The Law of April 6, 1830 canceled nearly all empresario contracts. Austin and DeWitt kept theirs. The law also banned bringing in slaves to Texas.
Mexico's Reaction
Although many people in Texas saw this rebellion as a joke, Mexican leaders took it very seriously.

Leaders in Mexico continued to worry about the U.S. interest in Texas, and they thought the rebellion was part of a plot to take Texas away from Mexico.
Many American citizens were in favor of the rebellion.
Newspapers ran stories claiming that Edwards and his rebels were fighting for democracy.

Lesson 2: Mexico Imposes Its Authority
Based on some of the beliefs that American settlers brought with them to Texas, what are some of the potential conflicts that you can predict?
Why were settlers angry?
Many settlers had family members still living in the United States who were supposed to move to Texas.

Settlers wanted their population in Texas to grow.
Other Changes in Mexico and Texas:
Collecting Taxes - Settlers enjoyed not having to pay certain taxes for the first several years, including taxes on the goods that were brought in from the United States. The Law of April 6, 1830 placed tariffs on goods form the U.S. making American-made goods more expensive than goods that were made in Mexico.
Troops in Texas
The general recommended that Mexico send in more troops to Texas. Soldiers were sent to the Alamo, Nacogdoches and Goliad. New garrisons, or military posts, were set up in 5 other points in Texas.
The goals of the soldiers was to collect taxes from the settlers and stop immigration into Texas.

The military takes control
As troops continue to move into Texas, the Mexican government is going through constant power struggles between the Liberals and the Conservatives. Military rulers are replacing civilian rulers.
wanted more political freedom.

wanted more government control.
The settlers believed that it was their right to stand up to the Mexican leaders.
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