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Damp Spoon

No description

Kiran Kharay

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Damp Spoon

By Kiran Kharay Jean Aitchison's
Damp Spoon metaphor Aitchison's 3 metaphors The Damp Spoon The Damp Spoon and Prescriptivism Thank You for Watching Jean Aitchison came up with 3 methaphors for explaining language change:

The crumbling castle

The infectious disease

The damp spoon Jean Aitchison described language change as a 'damp spoon' because she found it distasteful when seeing 'a damp spoon dipped in the sugar bowl' due to people's laziness of not finding another spoon to use.

Aitchison found this metaphor exacted described her idea that language change is due to laziness.
Examples of laziness in speech are dropping apostrophes and the contracting words incorrectly. These changes are linked with things that prescriptivists are against.

Prescriptivists aim to use language in its correct form including written and spoken language.

An example of a group of people who are prescriptists are the Queen's English Society.
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