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Energy Efficient Dog House

No description

Kyle Tran

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Energy Efficient Dog House

The Features of my eco-friendly, energy efficient doghouse.
The walls of this dog house are made from 100 percent recycled wood. The inside walls are insulated with Styrofoam, and the floor with cork. These keep heat and thermal energy out during the summer, and in during the winter. (Conduction)
The roof of the dog house is made up of 100 percent recycled metals. The shiny coat metal reflects the suns rays instead of absorbing them. This reduces the total thermal energy of the dog house, keeping the inside cooler. I have also painted the dog house white to produce the same effect. (Radiation)
I have also included a skylight, and windows that will allow convection to occur. Keeping the dog house at a comfortable temperature.

Energy Efficient Dog House!
Miss. Scott's Gr.7
By: Kyle Tran
Styrofoam and cork are insulators which means it does not easily allow energy to pass through it, in this case heat.
- Hot Air Rises,
Cold Air Falls
Process Of Building
"Heat In the environment"
Thermal energy/kinetic energy/ Temperature
Warmth and Coldness
Energy transfer/conservation
The transfer of heat and thermal energy directly through a substance
The transfer of heat and thermal energy in fluids. Through movements (convection currents) in which hot less dense fluid rises, and cold more dense fluid falls.
The transfer of energy through electromagnetic waves. Eg. ( visible light, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, solar)
-Cardboard (walls + roof)
-Styrofoam and cork (Insulators)
-Recycled wood (border)
-White paint
-energy efficient
-Made from recycled materials
-Compact + safe
-Easy to build/gather materials
-Not the most comfortable
-Difficult to mass produce
-Sizes may vary
2.Gather materials
3.Put down walls, floors, and insulators
4.Make roof
5. Add skylight, door, and windows
6.Paint and decorate
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