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David Lehman

AP Literature and Composition

Skyler Higgins

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of David Lehman

An American Poet David Lehman Biographical Stuff - Born on June 11, 1948 in New York City
- Son of European Holocaust survivors
- Graduate of Colombia University
- Author of at least six books of poetry
- An accomplish editor. (Oxford Book of American Poetry of 2006 and Great American Prose of 2003)
- Currently an instructor at The New School in NYC Stylistic Features - Writes mainly, if not entirely, free verse
> Entire poems can be one sentence.
> A majority of his poems do not possess
a consistent meter.
- Lack of clear organization
> Many of his poems have a meandering quality
- Dreamlike writing Like a Party You throw a war and hope people will come
They do, and they bring signs, and bring rifles,
They make speeches, they build bombs,
And they fight the last war, or protest its arrival.
But this is now. One myth of war is that it takes
A lot of careful planning. Bunk. All you need is a cake
With a roll of film inside, or a briefcase full of germs. Analysis - This is a poem about the simplicity of creating
- Lehman mixes in Roman mythology.
>Vulcan was the Roman God of fire.
> This additionally makes him the God of
firepower in warfare.
- War is also disorganized and not an art at all. Stylistic Features - The first half of the poem contains a much more
consistent meter than the second half.
- There is no rhyme pattern in this piece.
- The poem easily goes from discussing the simplicity
of warfare to talking of Roman mythology. The
two sections are almost like different poems. My Thoughts and Reflections - Lehman is experienced poet, and many of
his poems have a deeper meaning.
- Some of his poems are much too
ambiguous, but these can be overlooked.
- Overall, a notable poet. FIN Skyler Higgins Like a Party Another myth stars Vulcan the smith.
Limping husband of Venus, mistress of Mars,
Who says: The bully broke my nose and what was I
To do, cry in the corner and ask him why
He didn't like me, or punch him back harder than he
Hit me? The war was not a play, not a movie but a mess;
Not a work of art; and if a game of chess, blind chess.
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