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risk factors of diabetes mellitus

No description

Dina Ghoweba

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of risk factors of diabetes mellitus

Risk Factors
Diabetes Mellitus Introduction Methedology Conclusion Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder resulting from a defect in insulin secretion, insulin action, or both. Research question
Objectives Subject
Sample size
Criteria for selection
Study design
Study Tools
Ethical considerations What are the risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus ? 1- To determine the possible risk factors of type 2 diabetes mellitus among patients attending Kasr Al-Ainy hospital in year 2012 .

2- To assess the relation between life style behaviors and development of type 2 diabetes mellitus . Identifying the risk factors of type 2 diabetes will assist in development of health promotion program for prevention and control of type 2 diabetes mellitus . Patients attending Kasr Al-Ainy
outpatient clinic. The sample size is calculated using
- Confidence 70% ,
- Power 60 % ,
- Odds ratio 2 ,
The calculated sample is 60 patients , 30 cases and 30 controls - Cases selection : type 2 diabetes mellitus patients as confirmed by lab diagnosis as documented in their file ,all ages, both sexes, incident cases.

- Control; subjects who are free of disease according to lab diagnosis (file) attending outpatient clinic of ENT. Simple random sampling techniques using the appointment list by random generation. Unmatched case control study , ratio 1:1 Interview administered arabic version questionnaire including :
- socio-demographic
- potential risk factors.

blood pressure and waist circumference. Verbal consent


Permission from local authorities. Results Recommendations
- Healthy nutrition The results confirms that
- Obesity ,
- Bad life style especially;
* Consuming huge amounts of sugars in daily nutrition
* Eating too much CHO
* Eating NO fruits & vegetables daily
* Not practicing exercise
- Hypertension
could contribute with incidence of type 2 diabetes

, also the prevalence among females is higher than males which make females at risk to type 2 diabetes .
- In Egypt, the prevalence of diabetes is about 8% and this level is increasing over time.

- WHO, 2005 announced that, Egypt would be one of the top ten countries with high number of diabetes cases, by year 2030. Risk factors : - The cornerstone is that diabetes can be prevented and can be controlled through controlling its risk factors. Magnitude of diabetes mellitus: - Promotion and prevention of the occurrence of diabetes can be achieved by awareness of people about these risk factors and how to avoid. Physical activity & Moderate weight loss - - Exercise Health education to society about importance of : - These risk factors include: Obesity Sedentary lifestyle Unhealthy eating habits :
-Too much fat,
- Not enough fibre and
- Too many simple carbohydrates Family history and genetics Increased age High blood pressure High cholesterol Smoking Drugs Depression Sex www.openepi.com Represented to Dr. Madiha Al Said Prepared by Students of group "2" .. second community round Under supervision of Dr. Nagah selim
Dr. Moshira zayed
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