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Scottsboro Boys Trials

No description

Dominic Zeisloft

on 17 August 2017

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Transcript of Scottsboro Boys Trials

Scottsboro Boys Trials
The Scottsboro boys was a group of nine black boys who supposedly raped two women on a train. They were tried in groups of two to three and were all found guilty. They were all found guilty and one of the boys sentenced to death. The boys weren't given a fair trial and many people fought hard to get them one. The boys eventually did and were released over time. The one was eventually jailed due to manslaughter.
Justice or Not?
Initially the boys didn't receive justice and some may argue they never did receive it because of how unjust the first sentence was. At the end of all of it they did receive justice by being let off. They would all eventually die while being free except for Patterson who died in prison for the manslaughter.
Brock Turner
Brock Turner was a swimmer for Stanford college before he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman who was intoxicated. The case would eventually go national. Brock was found guilty but was given a slack sentence from the judge. This would also ruin the judges career.
Justice or Not?
To many justice was considered not served due to his slack sentence. I would consider justice to be served because it ruined his career. The woman may still feel horrible but she can at least know how she ruined him for his horrible crime.
Justice was served
Both about sexual assault/rape
Both were released from prison
Sparked national outrage
The roles were switched on who case was about
Races were different
One with bias (Scottsboro), one without (Brock)
The one is modern (Brock), and the other not
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