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Presentazione Laps

No description

Riccardo Ferrazzo

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Presentazione Laps

It will be held in Milan from 1 May 2015- 31 October 2015.
Expected visitors: 21 millions.
130 participating countries.
Global investment: 11.8 billions euros.
Exhibition site investment: 1.7 billions euros. Analysis As-Is Market Analysis Conclusions and Future Development The farther away from the site of the event, the weaker the force of attraction, other things being equal (e.g. the marketing effort in order to attract visitor). Gravitational Pull The distance is not the most important factor in this case, we must also consider the Travelling Time and the Cost of the Journey. 7.334.000 visitors expected from Area1 (North Italy). 12.024.000 visitors expected from Area2 (Center and South Italy, Rest of Europe). 1.697.000 visitors expected from Area3 (Rest of the World). Opportunities for Companies. Opportunities for Sorrounding Area. To Promote Como Fast Connection Como-Rho New Information System Connection to Interest Points How far we are from Rho? How easy is to move in the Como Area? What Characterize the most developed transportation systems? Augmented Reality Twitter Map Real Time Line Next Arrival Milan Situation 49 min by car, 10 € (80€ by taxi). 56 min, 15€. 1h, 7€. 1 h 20 min, 7€. Como Milan Rho Data Reliability (Can we rely on forecasts?).
Data Completeness (Which data will we need in order to deepen the analysis and model the problem?).
Can we freeze the Market Analysis?

Difficulties to model the problem (large amount of variables, need to draw three integrated systems).
Boundaries related to the budget regarding new services design (Lack of funds, we have to rely on existing structures and resources).
Technological boundaries in developing the application (As said before, we have to design a system that works with existing resources). Thinking about following steps: Main critical issues of what developed till now: To Exploit Expo 2015 From ASF point of view: Approximately 70% of the Tourists in the Como are accomodated in the Towns around the lake. 40 min, 2,45 € by bus.
25 min, 10€ by ferry. 1h 10 min, 3,40€ by bus.
50 min, 14,80€ by ferry. 2h 10 min, 5,75€ by bus.
1h 40 min, 17,50€ by ferry. 1h 10 min, 3,10€ by bus.
45 min, 14,80€ by ferry. People resident in Como Tourists in Como Tourists in the Expo area Common Characteristics: 59,7% of Como resident have a car.
Demand of public transportation is 1.115,8 (passengers over inhabitants). Common characteristics: Common characteristics: How do they reach Como Number of Nights How do they reach Expo area? Number of Nights Planning
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