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End of Summer Presentation

No description

Selina S.

on 24 August 2014

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Transcript of End of Summer Presentation

University of Notre Dame
Future plans
Continue to work in a challenging work environment that provides opportunities for both career and personal growth.
My time at
KnowledgeNet Redesign
EPMO is planning to move KnowledgeNet from SharePoint to another platform in 2013

Evaluate target platform options for K-Net and recommend a best solution
Gather organizational/user K-Net high-level requirements
Identify and prototype usability improvements for K-Net
Stakeholder Input
Intuitive navigation
Gathered through interviews with PMOs and by leveraging the 2011 redesign requirements.
<HTML> docs
Manager: Mark Carter
Proof of Concept
<HTML> docs
Wikis will host all informational content, with the Quickr library providing a place for documents.
Utilizes articles to hold content, with main page set up in portlets. MyPepsiCo Publisher will hold documents.
Page layout is set up in a table format, with content within tabs. Documents will need an independent repository.
HTML - most effective user interface, but is outside the standard tools and requires increased maintenance.
EPMO recommends PEPnet as the KnowledgeNet replacement platform.

Any questions?
It’s important to understand what you want from other people in order for them to give it to you.
There are endless possibilities,
but few solutions.
“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.”
- Ralph Marston
BIS Intern

August 6, 2012
Selina Sambar
PMO meeting support
Roles and Responsibilities
KnowledgeNet SharePoint migration
Learning Outside the Office
Intern events
Portal - easy access through a familiar interface, but the user interface is basic and does not improve on the current K-Net.
PEPnet - limits UI flexibility, but still betters user interface and maintainability.
Class of 2013
IT Management
Interface improvements
User interaction
Reduce scrolling & clicks to access information
Integrate PLM information
Provide site map views
Ratings, comments, etc.
Easy to update web content
Volunteer work
Current KnowledgeNet
Possible Platforms
Methodology harmonization
EPMO Portal site
Updates, additions, deletions
Document discussions
Move meeting workspace from SharePoint to PEPnet
QRC for future K-Net releases
Phase information
Templates & Guidelines
What I Delivered
KnowledgeNet platform suggestion
Proof of concept work
High-level deck on platform evaluation and redesign requirements
Methodology changes
New PMO meeting workspace
Up-to-date EPMO Portal site
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