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Hershey's Co.

No description

sara molina

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of Hershey's Co.

Group 12 Background Facts -1895- manufactured 114 different items
-some names: LeRoi de Chocolate, Petit Bouquets, Chocolate Croquettes
-1898-trademark symbol was a baby in a cocoa bean, then replaced by the brown letters used today.
-1916-went to Cuba searching for sugar and established a planned community, even with a school for orphan children
-1926- first chocolate syrup for home use was made
-1928- HERSHEY'S Chocolate chips introduced -1915- Hershey's mint- flavored chewing gum- not very successful.
-1934- not so sweet bar and discontinued on 1937
-1993- first successful white chocolate Hershey's hugs.
-Radiation D Ba- 4 oz., not melt at high temp, high in food energy value, not a good taste so that soldiers would not eat it only at emergencies.
-Reese's Pieces came out on ET: The Extraterrestrial film
-90 different countries produce
-Kisses very popular in Japan 1876- Milton S. Hershey started his first candy business "Crystal A Caramels" which failed 6 years later.
1882-In New York he tried again with caramels made out of fresh milk. It also failed
1886-Move back to Pennsylvania, tried again with the milk caramels, this time he succeeded. (The company shipped all over the U.S. & Europe.
1893-At the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago he became fascinated with the art of chocolate making.
1895-The first HERSHEY'S chocolate bar was out in the market. April 17.
1900-Sold the Lancaster Caramel Co. for $1 million ($27,560,000).
1903-Milton broke ground in his hometown, Derry Township, Pennsylvania to build the first Hershey's factory
Today the town is called Hershey Pennsylvania
1907-1908- First HERSHEY'S Kisses and HERSHEY'S Chocolate with almonds.
Eventually he build a whole town where he added schools, an amusement park, a convention hall, a community building, and a department store, a hotel, sport's arena
1918- Milton Hershey transferred his wealth and his ownership of the Hershey's co. to the Hershey Trust to be held for the Hershey Industrial School.
He also build residences for his company employee's. Hershey, PA. Attractions Hershey Park
Chocolate World
Can create your own chocolate
Have a tour in the Chocolate Factory
Hershey Chocolate Spa
Country Club
Hershey Story Museum
Hershey Hockey Bears
A lot of more attractions Finance In August 2011, the main distribution center for Hershey candies was subjected
to a strike by about 400 young foreign workers brought to the United States
under the J1 "cultural exchange" visa program.

Exchange program:
Palmyra, Pennsylvania aPackage Facility
Exel, SHS Onsite Soulutions, Council on Educational Travel(CETUSA)
were the companies responsible for the exchange program.
CETUSA was the company in charge of recruiting the students
CETUSA promised:
valuable work
life experience
expandable resume
improvement in English
opportunity to travel in U.S
good memories and lasting relationships
"No matter where you end up in the U.S., your Work and
Travel Program is sure to be a summer you will never forget!" Case Study Thank You students:
paid CETUSA up to $6,000 to participate in the program
came from countries such as Costa Rica, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, and Romania
One said, "I spent some of the worst moments of my life during that exchange."
students made a protest that they were not satisfied with the work they had to do
They say they were being exploited
$8.35 paid per hour: money was taken from their paycheck for housing and program fees .
As the strike made national news, Hershey pressured its contractors to provide the students with a week of paid vacation to allow them to see America.
Hershey, Exel, SHS OnSite Solutions and CETUSA all removed any mention of the strike from their websites.
In November 2012, the federal government fined the three contractors $143,000 and charged them for unpaid wages, an amount totaling $356,000. The Hershey company refused to answer questions concerning the settlement, referring reporters to the contractors who were largely unavailable
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