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Copy of The Cats Meow ( science project )

No description

Sara George

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Cats Meow ( science project )

Question & Research
What is my cat's interest . ? What will she like more . ? Hypothesis Conclusion Analyze ( see graph ) My hypothesis was wrong because my cat had the longest reaction time to the laser pointer toy then the other toys. Her reaction time to the laser pointer was 7 minuets her shortest reaction time was to the stuffed animal toy , which she only played with for 2 minuets. I think if I was to do something differently in this project it would be to have a larger selection of toys for my cat to play with. I'm going to be testing my cat's interest in different toys. Cat's love to smell. They will usually chase anything with a scent. They also like things they can mostly eat such as a treat or cat nip. If they see something moving they will like-wise attack it but if something is just laying there will most likely not. Cat's are very curious so they will like to go on adventures and explore new things I think if I play with all the different toys with my cat then she will draw more attention to the catnip-and-treat-like toys other then the things she with have to put effort to look for like the stuffed animal toys and the laser pointer toys . The Cats Meow Tools & Materials CAT ( SINDEY )
STUFFED ANIMAL TOY Process Play with each individual toy

Record data for each toy

See which toy was she most interested in INDEPENDENT VARIABLE & DEPENDENT VARIABLES The independent variable is the type of cat toy
The dependent variable is is my cats reaction time of playing with the cat toy
laser pointer - 7 mins
bell toy - 3 mins.
stuffed toy - 2 mins.
feather toy - 5 mins.
catnip toy - 3 mins. TIMES ( rounded )
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