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Better Access to Fresh Fruits and Vegetable

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Farhan Hasan

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Better Access to Fresh Fruits and Vegetable

Mech 292 Design Project
Better Access to Fresh Fruits and Vegetable
Vertical Farming
Vertical farming is cultivating plant or animal life within a skyscraper greenhouse or on vertically inclined surfaces. The modern idea of vertical farming uses techniques similar to glass houses, where natural sunlight can be augmented with artificial lighting.
Urban Gardens
Mobile Farmers Market
Is another way to increase food access by providing produce to local neighboring cities

Government sponsored food trucks go around the city in a given time period, selling their produce
Does the Need Exist?
“How do we make fresh fruits and vegetables more easily and reliably accessible to consumers at a reduced cost?”

List Of Solutions
Benefits of Solution

Constraints of Solution
Benefits of Solution
Constraints Of Solution
Benefits Of Solution
Constraints Of The Solution
Benefits of Solution
Constraints of Solution
Fruits and vegetables are major components of a healthy diet, and a lack of consumption of these on a daily basis also leads to several heart problems, including and not limited to diabetes, obesity and heart problems
Canadian weather and long distances between farms and cities leads to a lack of access
This is a bigger problem for low income families who can neither afford the groceries at a local grocery store nor drive up to farms to get their fruits and vegetables.
In 2004, a first DSP study on the geographical accessibility of fruit and vegetables showed that about the same percentage of Montrealers did not have access to these foods within walking distance of their homes (fewer than 500 metres)
More than one third of underprivileged Montrealers, or over 135,000 people, live in sectors with little or no access to fruit and vegetables.

Engineering solutions:
Urban Gardening
Vertical Farming

Economic solutions:
Mobile Farmers Market
Tax Incentives

Other solutions:
Pneumatic tube solution

There are already plans to build one of these in Canada, in Vancouver.
Not even a drop of water will be lost (for irrigation)
Use of pesticides and herbicides will be limited to a bare minimum

Huge increase in accessibility

Lower carbon footprint through elimination of transportation
: Very expensive to implement

Artificial lighting
: Plants closer to the window grow much faster than those further away unless these are used
Easily implemented

Low cost
Can be expensive

Limited space

Limited amount of produce
Lower cost:
The transportation between farms and the city will be paid for by the government, and citizens will be able to afford the produce at a lower cost

Easier access to food:
Produce is sold to people in their own neighborhood

Huge increase in accessibility:
As some low –income neighborhoods do not have any supermarkets or grocery stores nearby
A very limited amount of produce can be transported through the Mobile Farmers market at a given time
Tax Incentives
This method involves giving tax incentives to companies and chain stores to build more supermarkets in a neighborhood where there are none. (example: low-income family neighborhood)

30% less supermarkets can be found in low-income neighborhoods, meaning that this solution is important
Low income neighborhoods will benefit enormously
: They will have access to cheaper fruits and vegetables easily

Huge increase in accessibility
: Easier and greater access, once again.

Further tax incentives can be given to lower the cost of produce in a certain neighborhood

Middle and high income neighborhoods won’t benefit from this plan

t can be costly for the government
It is the practice of cultivating, processing, and distributing food in or around a village, town, or city.

Any space in the city can be used for urban gardening.

Rooftop gardening is the prime example of urban gardening (This will be talked about in more depth later on) They can be implemented easily and involve either putting a layer of soil over roofs OR using hydroponic solutions (involving mineral solutions in water.), we can grow produce on balconies, rooftops and abandoned buildings
Consumers in Canada need cheaper and more reliable access to fresh fruits and vegetables

In other words, we will discuss how to make sure fresh fruits and vegetables reach customers from all the income classes at minimum cost and with minimum waste.

Summary of solutions
Engineering solutions: These solutions are to do with adding to the current infrastructure and implementing new engineering techniques
Urban gardening
Vertical farming
Economic solutions: More incentive based and can be implemented quicker than the engineering solutions
Mobile Farmers Market
Tax incentives
Pneumatic tube solution: Highly unfeasible to implement on top of current metro systems, and quite expensive and time consuming as well
Constraints for the solution
"The Mobile Farmers market is the best solution to implement currently"
Pneumatic Tube

The government will install a giant pneumatic tube system underground, which will ship the produce from the farmland to the cities.

These pneumatic tubes will be temperature controlled as well as humidity controlled in order to keep the produce fresh
Benefits of Solution
Lowers carbon footprint

Lowers the cost of produce because the transportation fee is eliminated

Huge increase in accessibility to fresh produce
Constraints of Solution
Very expensive initial cost

This has never done before. Therefore, there are not any previous studies that will guide us through building the pneumatic tube system underground
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