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BC Oil & Gas Conference Ignite Session

No description

Judy Kucharuk

on 23 June 2011

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Transcript of BC Oil & Gas Conference Ignite Session

What if I told you....... that you had to create a presentation that was mind
boggling but that you could only speak for 5 minutes and.... only use 20 slides! Could you do it? What if I said that you could win some $$ for your favourite Fort Nelson charity? Would you do it? At the 2011 BC Oil & Gas Conference we are trying an experiment..... we are thinking OUTSIDETHEBOX OUTSIDETHEBOX OUTSIDETHEBOX OUTSIDETHEBOX We are calling for
Ignite Presentations! The saying is......... "enlighten us,
but make it quick" Want more information? Yes! Okay! Sure! Oh yeah....and they would auto advance Email the Conference Coordinator @
OilandGasConf2011@northernrockies.ca Funny interesting educational What kind of topics? Community Leadership Social Responsibility Change Who can submit a Proposal? Conference Delegates It should have a simple message.... with a beginning, a middle and an end
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