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D. Murray Dryden

No description

Talia J

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of D. Murray Dryden

D. Murray Dryden
Why Did Murray Found Sleeping Children Around The World?
Murray Dryden founded SCAW because he believed that every child around the world should always have the basic necessities of life. One night while tavelling in India, Murray tripped over a child sleeping on the road. Muuray, a man of ideas, decided that he would do something for children that have no comfortable bed. He couldn't feed the world or stop world hunger, but he believed that having a good night's sleep could make a hungry child's life more comfortable.
SCAW's Dream and Mission
Dream: A world that every child can have comfort and a good night's sleep.

Mission: From free-will donations and a major partnership with their volunteers, they give "bedkits" to needy children in developing countries around the world. SCAW helps them face the many challenges of the upcoming day.
SCAW's History
What Is A "Bedkit"?
Murray Dryden is the founder of Sleeping Children Around The World. Which provides "bedkits" to those less fortunate.
What Did Murray Do?
With every $35 donation a "bedkit" is given to children around the world. "Bedkits" vary from country to country. A "bedkit" mostly contains a mat or mattress, pillow, sheet, blanket, mosquito net, clothes, towel, and school supplies.
"I know the difference between being poor in Canada and being poor in Bangladesh. Remember, they have no welfare system, no medicare, and very few charitable organizations in these countries. It is when there is so little hope for people, such as those people in the developing countries, that we must work to improve conditions."

D. Murray Dryden
An amazing Life
When Did Murray Start Sleeping Children Around The World?
Murray started Sleeping Children Around The World in 1970, with his wife Margaret. By the year 2009 they reached their millionth child!
Why Is Murray A Global Citizen?
Murray Dryden is an inspirational person to me and everybody around the world because, he proved to us that anyone can make a difference to children by just donating. With everyone's help children in developing countries can have a comfortable night's sleep.
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