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The Website of

No description

Nick Paratore

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of The Website of

The Website of
What service do they provide?
they answer frequent everyday questions on their answering-focused search engine
You can also install the toolbar to use for your search engine
Who is their major competition?
no surprise there...
- because of Google, Ask.com had to abandon the search industry in 2010
- now, it is only used for a question and answer site
Who started Ask.com?
It was founded in 1996 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen. Along with Gary Chevsky who implemented his own design for the site.
Garrett Gruener
David Warthen
Gary Chevsky
Why did they start it?
How did they start it?
When did they start it?
Where are their headquarters located?
Garrett Gruener was intent on creating a product innovative in large part due to it's simplicity of use. He also wanted to create the most practical and relevant tool to help users navigate the web.
The company originally established itself as a pioneer on the internet.
Started the web site in 1996 and They have been involved in it ever since.
Are they partnered with anyone? Or financed by a major media conglomerate?
Owned by InterActiveCorp
Partnered with Highland Capital Partners...
Institutional Venture Partners...
and RODA Group
-who finances Ask.com
Is there a CEO?
-Douglas Leeds was elevated from president to CEO of Ask.com in 2010
Douglas Leeds
What is the recent history of this site's stock?
For what reasons have they been in the news lately?
-On Jan. 14, 2009, Ask.com became the official sponsor of NASCAR driver Bobby Labonte's #96 car.
-Became the official search engine for NASCAR.
The company's stock value soared, rising as high as $190 per share in 1999, the same year Ask Jeeves launched its first national advertizing campaign.
Ask.com's initial stock offering on the NASDAQ stock exchnge occurred in 1999.
in 2005, Ask.com was de-listed from the stock exchange and was then purchased by InterActiveCorp.
How does this site
- TV advertizing
- creating apps for people to use
Ask.com has created an iPhone app that has been downloaded over 500,000 times.
An Android app is currently in the making process
How has this site evolved since its inception?
- The integration of Teoma's technology, and the addition of sponsored links services with google.
- Ask Jeeves expanded internationally, launching the site to the UK with two other British media companies.
Where is this site headed in the future?
- Ask.com is panning to expand the site to different areas of interest.
such as social media sites
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